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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Watermelons, Newspaper and other old do's

I thought I'd give you a peak of previous nails I've done. Some of these are pretty old ones, so you'd find the edges are roughly done and they aren't all too precise.
I included the name I gave each... just for the fun of it!

Any questions...hit me up!



(Really, I used newspaper for this one!)

(Done in honor of Curacao Flagday 2011)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Totally "Wired"

Today's nail is called "Wired"

"Why we play as children is not because it is our work or because it is how we learn, though both statements are true; we play because we are wired for joy, it is imperative as human beings." John Thorn

I used 'Melon Green' from Sante as the base color. Three covers did the trick for me.
For the little heart on the thumbs I used 'Pink Punch' from Jordana.

The lines were easily painted with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen.

This one was a pretty easy one to do...and I so totally love the outcome!

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