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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Crazy Miami Nail Hauling...

Well my beloveds...I'm back on the island since last night. Too quick...too quick!!
I'm still super exhausted but oh-so-satisfied...

Bought tons of clothes, lots of shoes, beautiful bags, bijou, some make-up, books, gifts and oh...nail polishes and nail accessories..(DUH)...lol

Hmmmm yup...a total of 25 new polishes arrived with me save and sound last night...

In due time when I try each one you'll get specific information about them all...this is just a post to give you a preview of the nail polish hauling I've done in Miami.

Sinful Colors

Up until now I haven't been able to find Sinful Colors on Curacao. In Miami I've seen a BUNCH of colors I was dying to buy...but...a lady can't just go back home with a luggage full of nail polishes right? So I only chose 3.. (hard decision..very very hard)!!

This is 'Dream On', 'Bali Mist' and 'Ciao Bella'...totally loving them all!!

Sally Hansen
Sally is no unknown brand, right?
These where found at a bargain price thou...a dollar for both. Nopes, not separately...0,50 dollars for each.  I guess you'd understand that I just had to have them...I mean... why not?

Glittery shades in 'Diamond Dust' and 'Star Sapphire'...just cute!

The Vitasurge is to try and add some strength to the nails since my nails have been splitting quite a lot lately and I don't appreciate that, really.
Vitamins are never overdone. The Vitasurge says to be a fast absorbing gel formula for weak nails that split and peel. It doesn't hurt to try it!!!

Besides the regular stuff above, I also found these Magnetics I wanted to try since I first saw them advertised in Cosmo...
So I bought them in three shades; 'Red-y Response', 'Kinetic Copper' and 'Graphite Gravity'

Color Mates
Yet another bargain. A dollar each...
I've never heard about this brand, but it wouldn't hurt to try new stuff at such low price. The name sounds cheap to me as a matter of fact...but the colors were just cute!
Here, 'Look at me', 'Paparazzi' and 'Stormy Weather'.

L.A. Colors
My stash is loaded with L.A. Colors polishes...I know!! But who can resist a fairy dust-ish glitter at a dollar? So yeah babes,...got it...beautiful glitters in 'Sassy Sparkle'.

Talking about bargains... I found these when I stormed into a boutique at the Sawgrass mills in Ft Lauderdale to try on a cute dress I saw.
Never heard of the name before. But they were cheap..AND I found the light blue shade I've been looking for. So what was stopping me to just...you know...bring themhome?
These are 'Pastel Blue', 'Dark Green' and 'Metallic Champagne'.
I know, the Champagne looks a lot like the Bali from Sinful Colors. But in reality, the one is darker than the other.

Hard Candy
From a Hard Candy I only bought this top coat. I have been searching for it for a while already. It gives any color a matte finish...saves me the hazzle of buying lots of matte polishes...

I almost...almost lost myself in Claire's. hahaha Well, not literally...but they just have soooo many cute things.
I simply tried to buy some of the most remarkable stuff I know I won't (easily) find here.
Like this multi-colored polish named 'Sand Art'. I know you can't quite see it on the picture, but it has neon orange, pink, yellow and purple..all in one bottle.
The bottle specifically says not to shake...hmmmm interesting! And oh..it's supposed to be strawberry scented when dry... Simply irresistible!!

Then I saw the Sun Changing shades. Supposed to turn another shade when you go outside... Curiosity made me buy these.
I only got two 'Here Comes The Sun' and 'Solar Eclipse'. As soon as I try them on I'll let you know if it really does what it says...

Lastly, the glow in the dark. Three normal polishes and two glittery.

And as you can see here...yup...they really do glow in the dark.

I also bought a nails stamping tool kit from Salon Express and 4 additional image plates from Konad.

And from Kiss I bought a box of Lacy Nail Dress Stickers and a some Nail Artist Flat Stickers...

And THAT's all the nail hauling I've done in Miami...
I think I've stayed on the average, don't you think?  hahaha... Well as soon as I start trying on these fabulous colors, you'll be the first to know. As for now, I need to catch up with my sleep...since I haven't been doing much of that this past week.

See you lovebugs soon.

X's n' O's



Thursday, 20 September 2012

Product Review: Beautiful Textures line (For curly, wavy, kinky, coily & frizzy hair types)

For those of you who know me (and those who payed attention), I've been sporting my natural kinky curls for almost 4 years now.
Up until now it has been a wonderful experience...no regrets whatsoever. But it has also been a constant trial and err with different curly hair products to see what works best with my type of hair...

Recently I noticed the Beautiful Textures hair care line for Curly, wavy, kinky, coily & Frizzy hair. Really, it can just NOT go unnoticed with a bright orange bottle and purple cap.

First Impression of the product? "Hmm, interesting. Pretty nutritive ingredients for the hair. Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter and olive oil to name a few.
And all this for a very reasonable price (aprox. $ 7 a bottle)
So I bought the shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioning cream, the whipped butter and the curl control lotion...just so I could try the whole line for once. Without having to mix it with any other brand.

The tangle taming shampoo

I'm the type of a lazy girl that doesn't wash my hair as regular as I should. So when I finally wash it, it's full of built up products. And if I've been wearing it down, also full of neck breaking knots.
This shampoo actually does what it promises...
In one shampoo it already foams up into an exotic smelling lather, leaving your hair smelling and feeling really clean. A second shampoo was not really necessary.
The multiple knots were also easier to manage...even without conditioner I coulld start running my fingers through the hair without much effort.

The Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner

To my opinion it lacks the thickness and creamy texture I'm used to. To think about it, I did not feel as thou my hair has been deep conditioned. There was nothing extraordinarily remarkable about the hair after the usage of this particular product, other that the breath taking exotic smell and the lightness.
It does serve thou (very well) as a regular conditioner. And it also helps awesomely with the detangling. I could detangle bigger sections at once without getting watery eyes. ;)

The Leave-In Conditioner

Also, not the best conditioner out there to my opinion. It did not give me the "WOWWW" effect at all, but if you're looking for a light-weight, nice smelling leave in...this is definitely it.
It does help very well in the detangling process and it provides great manageability. It's the perfect product for a wash and go and it feels more like a moisturizer than it feels like a conditioner.
But since it's light-weight you might be tempted to use more and to my opinion it lacks that silky feeling of a conditioner. But absolutely not a bad product at all.

The Curl Control Defining Pudding

The Curl Control Defining Pudding help giving a beautiful definition to my natural curls. I have the impression it makes them look healthy, full of body and well moisturized... Read: no frizzy, electrocuted hair...a bonus! It's a must have!
After testing the complete line together, I mixed it up with my regular moisturizing lotion... The results were fantastic, thou a littlebit too greasy. But my curls look maneagable and don't get stiffen up as with some other products I've tried.

The Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme

My very favorite product in this line yet! It has just the right amount of oils. So not to stay greasy. It's thick in concistency and gives a healthy shine to my curls and a light hold so I didn't even have to use any hair-gel. I have experienced that on very hot days the moisture would wear out thou later in the afternoon and I had to re-apply to keep the look intact. But I consider this to be a total love jammed in a pot. Also, a must have...I really recommend this one!

Overall rating:

Smell:            5/5
Effectiveness: 3/5
Price:             5/5
Variety:          3/5
Results:          4/5

Will I keep using some or all of these products? DEFINITELY...

(All pictures were taken from the official page of the Beautiful Textures; www.beautifultextures.com. For more information about the product line, feel free to visit their page. )

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Boys and Girls

This time I have a make-up look I wore recently.

I know it looks a lot like the one I called Circus, yet it's different. Go ahead, click on the name and see for yourselves...

I called this one 'Boys and Girls'. Simply because my all times bestie recently gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. And while visiting her I noticed once more how everything was in the room was blue...announcing that it's a boy. An this made me think how most of the times pink will represent girls and how blue is the color used for boys.

The eyelids are simply a combination of a dark pink and a blue eyeshadow. And under the eye I used a liquid eyeliner in electric blue.

And THAT'S how it looked...

Personally loved it!

Pair it with soft pink lipstick (not used on the pictures)...and you're ready to rock the streets.

Hmmmm...next colors I'll be using? No idea....any suggestions??

See you around lovebugs,

X's n'O's



Sunday, 16 September 2012

Miami Express

By the time you receive this post, I would be on my way to Miami.


Especially to show the excitement of this trip I did a distinguished Miami nail design called Miami Express.

I used an AVALANCHE of colors to achieve this look...

List of used colors

Pinky and the Brain (Catrice)
White (Jordana)
Bright Blue ( Jordana)
Rich Green (Jordana)
Beavis and Mudhead (Catrice)
Seashell (L.A. Colors)
Glorious Aquarius (Essence Nail art)
Express in Yellow (Jordana)
Brown (Jordana)
Voodoo (L.A. Colors)
Nail artist Fine art pen  (Kiss in black and pink)
Light blue permanent marker :)

Figured out there was so much going on on them nails??

The beach scene wasn't as complicated as it looks. With a very small brush you would achieve it in no time. My true headache was the plane though...I still think it looks kinda like a disabled mosquito... But I gave up around midnight hahaha...

Well...this is how the Miami Express rolls...
Vacation starts HERE!

Anyways...I have some vacationing to do...
As promised I've scheduled some posts so you won't stay empty-handed while I'm out there enjoying hahahahaha

See you very soon lovebugs,

X's n' O's

Dazzled and excited,


Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This time I decided to try two other unused colors in the stash.

The Steel-ing my Heart from Essie and the Teal Steel from Sally Hansen

I named the nail design "Blue-mings", especially because of the little pink and white flowers I added to the accent nail.

I personally feel as thou my nails are just a bit too shiny for my taste...lol.

But Nevertheless I'm in love with both basic colors. I think it's the combination that makes me think twice

The Teal Steel is a vibrant blue with a very beautiful green-ish shine. And the Steel-ing my heart is a high shining silver color...true silver...I like that!

I was going to try a more complicated design...but still I decided to go for something easy in the end, because I was reading a book and I wanted to hurry to go back to it.

This sunday I'm flying to Miami finally...I'm sooooo excited. I'll see if I can do another nail post before I leave, thou the schedule is very tight.
I'll also try to schedule in a couple of posts for the week I'll be absent.

WELL...lemme go attend other bussiness and I'll be back soon.

X's n' O's,



Thursday, 6 September 2012

Swatch: After Eight (Catrice)

I discovered I had several polishes in my stash that had never been used yet...not once.

As I reached home last night I was physically and mentally on autopilot...but my nails were looking HORENDOUS!
Totally chipped, not so vivid anymore and some broke (I need a good hardener).
Some of you might just not understand, but I experience painting my nails as a moment of relaxation. So as I stepped out of the shower I laid face-down on my bed and decided upon a simple swatch.

After Eight is a deep dark mossy green color with super tiny sparklish particles. Two coats, and you're ready to go!
I guess after using Catrice several times already it is needles for me to say that I'm madly in love with the flat brush. Really, that thing is GENIUS...
The color dried relatively quick...so as I started dosing off it was as good as completely dry.

It seems to be the perfect color to use on army themed nails. Camouflage maybe?

Well here's the swatch...

Any other ideas of nail art where the 'After Eight'could be used beside on camouflage nail art?

Well, hope you liked it.

Monday, 3 September 2012

'Feasting in Sri-Lanka'

And it's time for a new nail art....yes babyyyy!!!!

This is the promised NOTW (Nail Of The Week)...even thou I think it's not going to make it until Saturday...

It's called 'Feasting in Sri-Lanka". Simply because it made me think of the beautiful Sari the women wear to the festivities in the book I'm actually reading. The story is built in Sri-Lanka and oftentimes the writer describes the Sari the women wore for different occasions...in details and color....

Here...travel to Sri-Lanka with me...

Used colors; Purple Punch (Jordana), Limestone (Sally Hansen) and Chestnut (Jordana)...ofcoursewith the white dots in White (Jordana).
The two accent nails were water marbles and when totally dry I accentuated with the white dots for simple embellishment.I love how it turned out to be...REALLY do.

My opinion of the Limestone so far...It's not as creamy and opaque as it looked in the bottle. If you apply it too slow it might leave streaks behind on your nail. The good thing? It dried super quick...

I normally don't do this...But on Sunday I matched my eye make-up with my nails...just the colors. And no, I didn't use the Limeade(L.A.Colors)...this is just eye shadow...

YUP...green on the upper lid, purple right under the eyes and a dash of gold in the corners of the eyes...
Pretty much extravagant...I know.
First I thought I'd try to switch the green and the purple(after the make up was already done)...but hey, I'm not a morning person, I was late!!!

Nevertheless I'm pretty cool with the outcome.

I'm fighting between sleeping and reading on..lemme go check if I can read another chapter before mi eyes win this battle completely.

Hoping you enjoyed the post!

X's n' O's.



Saturday, 1 September 2012

Caramel Covered Bananas and hauling

As promised in my last post, there was another make-up look; the one I wore last Sunday. This one's called 'Caramel Covered Bananas'.
I wore a dress that had beige, blue and black as the predominant colors. But in between all these deep colors, there where dashes of banana yellow, honey and purple. So I opted for yellow and bronze eyes to accentuate those colors in the dress.
And this is how it turned out to be...

Right from the inner corner until the half of the eyelid was made a light banana yellow tone and the outer half of the eye and the bone where given a bronzey tone.
To intensify the look I tight lined the upper lid and painted a very narrow line with theliquid eyeliner on half the eyelid as close to the lash-line as possible.

Status? Overall... pretty satisfied....

By the way.... I've also been HAULINGGGG!!!
It is official...I'm pretty much addicted I guess. Last Thursday I had to take the mom to the supermarket after work. It is normally the hour I use to read and stuff...since I usually just sit and wait in the car as she takrs her time to grocery shop..
This time I had to buy soap and hair gel thou...
"Soap and gel, soap and gel, soap and gel..." I repeated as I entered the cosmetic department of the supermarket. Everything went well...until I stood in the row waiting to pay and I saw them.....nail polish to drop death for... And I just HAD to have 'em...( especially the blue one)

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Limestone, Teal Steel and Nail'd it!
As incredible as it might sound, these are my very first Sally Hansen polishes in the actual stash. I have used the Sally Hansen top coats before, but not the colors...
 So, as soon as I try these on I'll let you know.

Besides nail polish, I also bought the jumbo eye pencil from L.A. Colors in Limeade...
This is the color it says to be...(picture from the official website of L.A. Color cosmetics)
I might try it on later on when I head to brunch with my girls...depending on what the make-up turn out to be.
All by all, I'm super happy with my newbies....

Soon to be posted...my new NOTW (Nail of the week) and a random product review. So subscribe quickly, that you may be the first to be notified when I post.

As for now, I will have to call it a night...

X's n' O's



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