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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Make A Wish...

Yesterday was my birthday and I seriously had an ahhhhhh-mazing time!!!

To make things a bit more festive I did my own birthday nails called "Make a Wish".
And this is what they looked like...

I bought no cake...so I painted myself some birthday candles.

How to?
1. Paint your nails in a dark color and let it dry completely (I originally wanted to make it glittery black, but couldn't find  the black polish anywhere. So I decided to go with Mardi Grass  from Jordana as the base).

2. When dry, paint your candles (in your colors of choice). Since I barely use professional instruments I used matches (ironically enough) to stamp the candles on the nails. (the wooden part)

3. For the little fires I used 3different colors, Yellow, light orange and a darker orange. Put the colors aside each other on a plate and carefully swirl them. Then I used the head of the matches to light my candles up :D...naaah just dotted the mixed colors on the nails with the head of a match to make the flames. And let dry.

4. Almost done! Now paint a small (black) line to connect the flame with the candlestick. (I used my black nail art pen. But if you don't have one you can easily paint these with a toothpick and nail polish.) And let this dry too.

5. Lastly...add your favorite top coat. And VOILA!!

I very much enjoyed wearing my birthday nails this past weekend! And the reactions were priceless :D ...Have you worn any special designs lately?

Let me know! See you around, love bug!



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Pinky & The Brain (Catrice), Circus and Pinkerbell

Hmmmm....today is one of those days we do less talking and more posting I guess. I have SO much to show you guys.

First of all, my nails.
Yesterday I tried 'The Pinky and The Brain' from Catrice and I must say that I'm truly, deeply, madly in love with this color. Seriously, it's been two days and I can't stop looking at my hands. I think it's an indescribable beautiful and girly tone of pink; hot, deep, playful and sexy...all at the same time.
Application happened in less than ten minutes (still in love with Catrice's flat brush) and with two coats I got this really opaque cover which I think looks just lovely. Dries pretty quick and has a beautiful shine which can go without a top coat...I'm not using any here.

So, what do you think?
Cute huh?

Now the make up...
Last Saturday I decided to do another colorful combination with eye shadows. This look is called "Circus", simply because the colors really made me think of the fun of a circus.
I used red (on the eyeball), light blue (under the eye & as a base on the rest of the eyelid) & purple on the crease.
The results? CRAZY...but I liked it!

 And a PicMix with crazy faces...just for the fun.

Then on Sunday I decided to go a little less bouyiant. Besides, I was dying to try my Pinkerbell lipstick from Catrice. So I did a combo of browns on the eyes and highlighted the face with the bright and attention-calling color of my new lipstick. And it looked like this...

I think the lipstick could have been just a bit creamier on the application and maybe if they added just a teeny bit more of pigment to it, would have been glorious. But I loved the way it didn't feel thick and chunky on my lips. And even thou I had to constantly re-apply it, I think the color looked amazing.
Maybe next time I'll try it with a matte color underneath or dab a lipstick sealer on it to make it last longer. But that's next time... Gotta get running now again.

See you guys in a bit.

X's & O's



Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fiesta madness and a dazzling zebra

Been gone for a while, but that didn't mean I 'haven't been dazzling things up around here...

Well let's start with the make up today.
Last Sunday I did this colorful eye make up I called "Fiesta", and it looked kinda like this...
(I think the lighting of the picture makes it look quite different than it really was if you'd seen it personally.)

It is a combination of lime green (in the inner corner of the eye), turquoise (on the eyeball), blue (on the outer corner) & Purple (on the crease).
It was simply colorful and fun!! Wore a simple purple dress with it and enjoyed all the attention. haha

I thought it looked a bit like a previous make-up I did a while ago, called Carnival (below)
Wore this to the theater with my rascals :D

(Yellow, Pink, Turquoise and purple...a whole pallet (lol) except for the orange shade in the pallet)

I LOVEEEE playing with colors, as you might have noticed. One of these days I'll post some of the previous make up I did (mostly focusing on the eye make-up).

Now, for what the nails is concearned. First and foremost, I need to add this detail...I really really loved the Essie polishes. Even the wearability scores sky high. I made it through a whole week with them with very minimum chipping; without using any special lacquer to make the color hold longer! Wauw!!!

Now this week I have, what a friend of mine called "Zebra in the Golden Sunset"...
And the name couldn't have fit any better.

It came to pass that the bottle of Genie in The Bottle (previous post) broke in shipping  (BUMMER). So, I decided to use what was left in the bottle before it hardens, and THIS is the result :)

Different angle, different lighting, different shade...isn't this color just amazing?

I must say that Catrice is also a brand I'm pretty happy with up until now. It has a flat brush which makes overall application easy and comfortable with less streaks and mess. With one coat you attain a sexy sheer color you might want to use to accentuate other nail polishes. And with two coats you have overall coverage. Amazingly good! Let's see how it rates on the wearability chart. :p

But as for now, I'm more than content! I parade around with my nails like a proud peacock and every time I look at them, a big smile appears on my face.

hmmmm...gotta go lovees...will see you around.

X's & O's



Friday, 6 July 2012

Gifted!!! :D

Tonight I did the most ridiculous dance moves in my room. Anyone who might have seen me, could have easily thought that I was on booze or something. haha
Pshhh... relax dude...I can assure you I'm really not (even thou I just took some migraine meds some minutes ago).

But the real reason for the joy was a gift I received....FROM ABROAD!!! :D :D :D
I know I already said this on my personal blog once (www.chroniclesofsy.blogspot.com), but really...I NEED to repeat it... I have the most amazing, fantastic and awesome sisters (in-law) of the whole world.

And so, the miss J (who lives in Holland) sent me these beauties...

Genius In The Bottle

The Pinky And The Brain

After Eight


Reasons to be ecstatic!!!!! I actually can't wait to try them ALL.....no jokes!!! These were a wonderful surprise on a night when I was actually feeling a bit stressed out!!

I couldn't wait to open the package when my lil bro handed it over to me tonight. So while talking to my mom in the kitchen, impatiently I reached for a knife and cut it open. The silly dances started right in the kitchen!!!
Before my mom could say anything I wrapped up the convo and moved to my room...where the silly dances got worse!!
The polishes still didn't make it to the box where the others are, and neither did the lipstick make it to the make-up rack yet. All because I can't stop looking at them!! (And no, I'm not kidding). So they are right there on the table...one beside the other...and every time I see them it's like opening Christmas gifts over and over again. hahahaha

Wuv you lots, J!!!! Can't thank you enough!! You're fantastic! (big hugszz)...By the way...mom says thank you too :P hihihi (btw, miss J blogs too :p www.love4sewing.wordpress.com )

Silly thing is...I just hung up on Skype with my bro in Holland, and miss J came by to wave and say hi too. Still I didn't say a word about the arrival of the gift! hihihi Pfff...I just wanted to do it publicly...thank you very much :D
I believe the world needs to know I have the coolest family ever!! :D

So, dear blog-reader, I will have to update you as soon as I take my new merchandise for a test drive. It's going to be the first time using this brand, sine it's not available here on the island. 
I will surely update you on it with pics and my personal review...

As for now...I have other things to attend hahahaha
Just dropped by to thank my sissy publicly for the amazing gift...and to write about my joy (to see if I can finally stop doing random silly dances now).

Naaaahhh can't!
But anyways...see you around!

X's & O's.

Dazzled (& ecstatic),


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mint Chocolate chip...(and more)

Just as I told you in my last post...the patriotic nails didn't quite survive Monday. Not because they chipped ore anything, but because they were one of my least favorites.
By the way, besides ruining the look of the semi gradient I did, the chunky silver glitters were a pain in the butt to remove. (Sigh) But every now and then they dazzle a simple look...this one just wasn't their moment.

Did another cute look on Monday afternoon...called "Mint Chocolate Chip". Well, I aimed for a high gloss finish for this one...thought it'll look cuter!
That was my death sentence literally. The only high gloss top coat I have at the moment is the Sally Hansen Acrylic Top Coat...and THAT, my dear reader, is a major fail! It is indeed super glossy and it dries pretty quick. But some of the nails got tiny air bubbles after a while and most of them crackled lightly...
So much, it bothered me intensely. Last night I just re-did the whole mani...and ditched the high gloss for just a regular top coat. So here are a few pictures of the "Mint Chocolate Chip"
(p.s. I went to Baskin Robbins today...and the colors look exactly alike hihihi)

I used my two new Essie polishes as the main colors. The minty green is Mint Candy Apple and the brown is Brown Dress. The two accent nails on each hand has White from Jordana as a base color.
The Essie nail polishes rate very high in my first impression chart... They cover very well, goes on smoothly, dries pretty quick and have a beautiful shine. Definitely getting more...

And oh...for the accent nails I used simple masking tape and an old pen! Why spend money on expensive tools when you can be creative? haha...

Last but not least...and especially for the friend of mine who called me an addict recently...THIS is my very humble nail polish collection.
Or at least a big part of it... Isn't THAT MUCH, is it? hahahaha

 And this was done by the little bro last Saturday. I guess he was in a loving mood and wanted to surprise me. So he did this as I left to buy some food. Thought it was very cute of him...

Anywayszszsz cuties...lemme leave you for now.
Questions? Comments? Holla at me...



Sunday, 1 July 2012

Show me your flags and dazzling make-up....

Today I have a double scoop...
I've got nails....AND make-up.

First of all, tomorrow is national flag day again in Curacao. So in my very own "celebration mood" I did these funky nails... Not actually how the flag looks like of course. I simply played with the three colors the flag consists of...and these were the results...
They were supposed to be my first take on the gradient technique and for a novice I think it turned out pretty acceptable lol. Only thing, I added silver glitter this morning...and I think the glitter kind of ruined it a bit.
But I don't think the mani is going to make it past tomorrow thou....It's not my very fave!

I do have better pictures by the way...but those are stuck on a phone with a death battery that doesn't want to charge...(sniff) Battery really gave up on me this time, and I think CPR is not going to do the trick...So I'll have to get myself a new batt. In the mean while..enjoy...

Called "Show me your flag" by Sy
Now, besides my nails ...I've been trying out some crazy stuff with my make-up too lately. So today I wore blue and purple eyeshadow with a light pink lipstain...
These were the results!!!!
I must say I'm pretty much satisfied...

Me and my lil bodyguard (the little bro). Pic taken by dadsz...love these men...

And lastly.... testing a funny feature of the camera the pic was taken with...
Either way, you get to see the nails and the make-up one one silly pic.

Well...hope you enjoyed! 
Questions? Comments? Gimme a shout...



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