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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Misc: February Photo Challenge

I am a woman with perfectly crazy friends. And among the things I love about them, I adore that pinch of craziness as well...

A couple of days ago one of them friends messaged me asking if the Resolute January Photo Challenge counts only for January...

"uhhhh...obviously...(raised eyebrow)...why?"

Well he wants to do a picture a day for the whole YEAR (yup, you read that right!). But as he says, the daily "guideline"helps him achieve this.
So we decided that he'll choose a theme for each month and I'll try and help him with the guidelines.

For the simple heck of it,
for if you feel crazy enough to go on another photochallenge or
if you missed the january one and wanted to embark in the true challenge of taking a photo a day...here's the February one.

The theme he chose was "THE WORLD". And after pondering for quite a while I came up with these pin points. How do you see the world? The World through your eyes...

So here it goes.
Take a picture a day of something that you think fits to the daily description. It doesn't need to be generic and people don't necessarily need to agree with you. It's how YOU see it!
Share your pics with the rest of us. If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #TrueMyEyes .

I don't yet know if I'll do February... I might or I might not.
For as long as I can endure the challenge to make a monthly photochallenge...you'll receive one of these monthly hihihi. I might have to discuss some of the upcoming themes LOL

p.s. It's no mistake that February starts and ends with the same words. :P

Have fun while at it!!! :)

If you have any suggestions (maybe for upcoming themes or daily words) or questions you can always mail me at hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com and let me know. Or leave your comments below of course...

Bueno lovebugs,

See you guys around.

X's n' O's


Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails: Be My (unconventinal) Valentine

Bon siman dazzling, (which means Good week)

Valentines day is approaching...and we all know how commercialized the worldwide celebration of love and friendship is.
ALMOST every shop will be covered in white and red and eager people trying to find the perfect gift for their valentine...

And today I brought you a nail design especially made with Valentines Day in mind. Only, I decided not to use the conventional red and white combo. Thus the plea...for you to "Be My (unconventional) Valentine"

Hmmmm...a not-so-everyday combination? Mint green and hot pink...Bingo!

First I covered all the nails except the ring fingers in 'Mint Candy Apple'from Essie, and later I painted the ring fingers in 'The Pinky and The Brain'from Catrice/
Let them dry completely!
With a sharpie or a nail art pen, paint a big heart on the ring fingers and fill it in with a darker blue/green glitter hue. In this case I used 'Cosmo'from Jordana.
On the middle finger and the index I drew little hearts using 'The Pinky and The Brain' and a toothpick. Then drew little cute dotted lines under each heart with a nail art pen.

Once dry, seal it all in with your fave topcoat and go love a little out there.

Aaaaaaand that's all folks. I'll try and see if I can at least do one more v-day post before the 14th. But I won't promise. :P (What???? I'm LAZY sometimessss...you guys know that)
Haha, anyways... love you, lovebugs!!!

X's n O's



Monday, 7 January 2013

In the Kitchen: Spicy Garlic Shrimp

It's official...most of my friends are total crazies. Especially when it comes to sea food.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my friend Luka at my place. To discuss serious matters of course....
I said, "Well I got shrimp" and she answered "ok, I'll bring wine". And that's exactly what happened!

So 'Spicy Garlic Shrimps' and white Zin it was...

The Shrimp was prepared in extra virgin olive oil and garlic and the sauce contained sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, chili sauce and Chinese rice wine....

Fry the shrimps in garlic and olive oil until pink on both sides. In the mean while, mix the other ingredients, and put them aside.
Once the shrimps are ready, add the mixture of the sauce and ready.

HERE...the outcome....and it tasted mind-blowing delicious!!!

Still Sizzling in the pan


Bon Apetit
The meeting was successful..yeah. More than successful hahahaha

Try it for yourselves lovebugs...it's just simply delicious!

X's n' O's



Thursday, 3 January 2013

Make-up: Colorful Beginnings

People do all of the craziest things for new year. My new year started in a very peculiar way...peculiar and colorful.

I combined a fucschia skinny pant with a gray and black blouse and yellow accesories for new year. And I tried this bright make up that combined the best of it all... Mostly colorful to the extremes.

So yeah, I had a pretty colorful beginning I'd say...


First, I covered the whole eye in a neutral tone. I like to do that, as a color solid background for whatever color I intend to use on the eye. The Eyelids were covered in yellow. The yellow I have is originally pretty light, so I used a liquid primer to help it hold and make it pop a bit more.
In the crease and up to the brow bone I used fucshia. I must say this is a pigmented powdered eye-shadow from Splash, with small gold particles. Very pretty color. I've had it for a year and barely used it, so sad!
I dashed some of the pink on the inner lower lower lid as well and the rest of the lid was painted in turquoise...just to add a drop of fun to it.

In the outer corner of the upper lid I accentuated the look with dark gray and topped it off with fake lashes from KISS (I think these were the Juicy Volume #2)

As colorful as my new year could get...
Fireworks were happening on my face as well as in the sky. And I was happy with the results... as crazy as it might have looked..

Would you dare color your 2013 crazy...?? Be it with make-up, nails, cooking, crafting or with (fill in your talent/passion). Go ahead...sprinkle some color on your new year...

X's n O's\



Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In the Kitchen: UPDATE no bake chocolate goodness

Remember the no bake dessert I made last week?

Well this week I tried it out again. And mind you, I had two mini orders :P
So I decided to tweak it up a little bit.

Last time I used liquor cake. But the ready made liquor cake is expensive. So this time I bought a packet of lady fingers and a bottle of Curacao Liquor instead. Didn't want to change the color of the cookies..so I went for the white liquor. Drenched the lady fingers in the liquor, and voila!
I also decided to mix the chocolate pudding with cream cheese and cover the whole dessert with a chocolate crust.

OMG...this is just a sin in layers... I'm in love!!!
Both people that ordered loved it as well...one of them ate it right in front of my house and the other messaged me within 10 minutes after leaving my house to tell me how much he enjoyed it.
Mission Accomplished...I'll see what I'll try next time!!!

Until then, here are some pics of the tweaked dessert...

 The two minies...ready to be picked by the owners. Mine, cut up and ready to serve

Want a piee???

Had anything special you prepared this Holiday and want to share the recipe with us? Mail me at hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com and let me know.
(btw, the recipe to this one is in the previous post about the no bake chocolate goodness)

Until later love bugs,

X's n' O's



Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Make-Up: 'Blue water Flamingoes'


We made it through yet another year. And I'm happy to have you guys in 2013 with me... Be it to just read my blog, or to comment every now and then, or to inspire me, or to believe in my craziness....
Know what, let's Rock 2013!!

BTW, today we start the January Photo Challenge....You're still in time to participate. Come on up...upload that picture babeh!

In my last post I promised that I had some pending posts. One of them was make- up looks...
I thought I could make a collage of the make up looks to show you, but when I went through them I decided otherwise...
So here's the first post...'Blue water Flamingoes', a combination of gold, peach and blue.

To achieve this look is pretty easy. I first covered the whole eyelid with a goldy shade to start with. Then I added a peach shade on half the eyeball area...the outer half in this case. Next, I put some dark blue on the crease and accentuated the eye with a black shade in a V-shape starting from the upper lashes up to the outer crease. Don't forget to blend everything well. It is what makes a make up look beautiful and finished.

I wore a peach dress with blue accesoires...royal blue... So I wanted to have some blue in my make-up too but not too much. In addition to the blue in the crease, I lined my inner lower lid with a liquid eyeliner in electric blue...
And the make-up is ready... You can go out there and party like crazy now!

Now, this is it for now beautiful people...
I still have more pending posts. I hope to have the time to sit down and schedule a few more.
Stay pending. And if anything, mail me on hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

X's n' O's 



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