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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Misc: March Photo Challenge

February is almost ending and it's time to post the photo challenge for March. (YEAYYY)

I tell you, making monthly photo challenges is harder than I thought!!! WAAAYY HARDER!! But I'm keeping up...(Yeah babeh!!!!)

The theme for March is FRIENDSHIP.

No unknown teritory for any of us I suppose. :p We all have/had friendships (of some kind)!

Some would make new friends easily, while others don't. Some are overprotective friends and others give their friends as much space as needed to be themselves and express themselves freely.
And to each of us the word friendship brings up different mental pictures and different feelings.
In the end...that's what makes life (and friendship) so exciting...the different point of views!
And THAT'S what it's all about in March. Share with us your two cents on friendship. Take us on a Tour through your point of view on this topic. :)

So here it is:

The rules are the same:
  1. Take a pictue a day that you think fits the daily description
    (Remember, it doesn't need to be generic and people don't necessarily need to agree with you. It's how YOU see it!)
  2. You can use any photo taking device you want
  3. Share your pics with the rest of us.
    (If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #TourDeFriends)
  4. Don't forget to have loads of fun while at it.
Am already excited to see what you will come up with this month. In the past month I've seen some pretty interesting interpretations...LOVED IT.
You can tell your friends to join the challenge too, of course.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see the Tour of Friendship through the eyes of your friends?

If you have any suggestions (maybe for upcoming themes or daily words) or questions you can always mail me at hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com and let me know. Or leave your comments below of course...

Bueno lovebugs,

See you guys around.

X's n' O's


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nails: 'Doodle my Heart' & 'Cloud Nine'

Riiiight before V-day...yet another unconventional nail look. OMG...everywhere is stacked with red and white....bears, flowers, chocolate boxes, candy...you know how it goes, right?

Well here, two easy breezey looks to quickly make your nails V-day ready. (in an unconventional way)

The first is a silly one I did last week but 'didn't have enough time to post.
The 'Doodle My Heart' nails...

Can you say easy???

I painted my nails in 'Genius in The Bottle' from Catrice and 'Chifon' from Jordana.
Once the nails were completely dry I grabbed a nail art pen (you can also use a sharpie) and doodled away on the Chifon nails.
Hearts, kisses, love...you choose.
Once dry, top it with your favorite topcoat to seal your art and TA-DA!!!
Unconventional and simple...


Then we have 'Cloud Nine', multi-colored, girly and fun.

All but the accent nails were painted in 'Morning Glory' from LA COLORS. Two coats will do the trick.
The middle finger was painted in white first sine I wanted to use the pink glittery glow in the dark polish from Claire's and it's very sheer.
The ring finger 'Light Blue' from Nabi.

When the accent nails are dry (paint them first so they'd dry while you paint the others), cover the middle finger with your glittery shade of choice and used a dotting tool dipped in white polish to paint cloud-like skuiglee (word not existent) clouds on the ring finger. And let it dry!!!
Once ready, paint a big heart in a bright color on the nail surrounded by small flying hearts all around.

Ahhhhh....love is in the air!!!

Top off with your favorite top-coat and drift away with love...

Well...happy love and friendship day tomorrow, my lovebugs!!! I love and appreciate you guys immensely...
Lots of kisses and warm hugs...

X's n' O's


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In The Kitchen: Yamie Yamie Corn on the Cob

In the past weekend we had BBQ at home. And as a side I prepared some corn on the cob that came out delicious!!!

What you need:
- enough coconut milk to boils the corn in
- teaspoon of seasoning
- tablespoon of Sugar
- tablespoon of salt
- 3 to 4 big slices of garlic
- 2 tbspns of garlic butter
- 1 tbs of  cream cheese (mixed with powdered sugar)
- pinch of grated parmesan cheese

I used three cans of coconut milk. I mixed them with the seasoning, the salt, the sugar and the sliced garlic. Next I boiled the corn in this concoction for about 5 minutes.
And let it cool down a bit, leaving the corn to marinate in the mixture.

Next I added the garlic butter and the cream cheese to a clean pan and cooked each corn for about 2-3 minutes each. For ease of the process I pushed sticks in the corn before cooking them.
As soon as I was ready cooking them I put them on a piece of aluminium foil, sprinkled just a little bit of parmesan and rolled them up.

To keep them warm while we waited I pre-heated the oven, turned it off as soon as all the corn was ready and put the corn in the already warm oven.

...and enjoy!!!!

X's n' O's


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nails: 'Lovey Dovey'

Quick Quick post...

Yet another unconventional nail design for V-day.

May I proudly present to you, 'Lovey Dovey'. A colorful combo to represent happiness, celebration and above all...LOVE!

I'm going to try and be short on this one.

First I covered my nails with two layers of 'Pimp My Shrimp' from Catrice...all ten nails. But you can decide to give your accent nail a different background color if you like.
On the accent nail, my ring finger in this case, I used an old ballpoint pen to draw a bigger circle and right above that, a smaller one...both in 'Birds Flying High'from Catrice and 'White'from Jordana.
Underneath the bigger circles I painted a horizontal stripe with a small brush and using 'Brown' from Jordana. The small leaf-like accents were brought on with the same brush using 'Acid DC' from Catrice.
Then, let it all dry thoroughly!

While waiting I added big dots with the ballpoint on all remaining nails using the 'Birds Flying High'and the 'White'. And then I filled in between the empty spaces with little dots of 'Brown' using a toothpick.

As the accent nail is completely dry I added the details to the birdies with a nail art pen (You can also use a regular sharpie if that's what you got). And in between the lovebird I added to small red hearts.
Ahhhhh...love's in the air!!

Try it for yourself. And wear some pretty unconventionally cute nails this coming V-day.

X's n' O's


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