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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Misc: July Photo Challenge

Another quicky...
Super, mega, late for a million reasons plus 1. But here it is...the July Photo Challenge.

It's SUMMER TIMEEEEE!!!! Not that we really feel much difference on Curacao besides the school break and many people going on vacation hihi.
But here's a photo challenge dedicated to the fun and exuberance of summer.

Rules for participation? Pff just as the previous 6 months  lol...so just scroll back if you need to check them.
And most important of all....have FUN!!!

See you around, lovebugs!!!

X's and O's


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nails: My Smexy Leopardo

Staying a little bit on the animal print, here's another quickie with the new nail polishes.
This time it's an all over leopard print which I named "My Smexy Leopardo".


The goldy hue I used as a base color for the leopard nails is number 15 from a cheap Chinese brand Shengji. On the ring finger I used Blue Marlin from Slick.
Up until now I’m enjoying both polishes to the max. The consistency of the Shengji is pretty watery but it does cover the nail in two quick coats. The Slick is very thick and on the actual nail look I only used one coat.
The leopard print was achieved by dotting the Blue Marlin randomly on the nails and accentuating them with Essie's Little Brown Dress (not a new polish)

And the results? Classy and shmexy...

Well, This was it for today lovebugs. Hope you loved the look



Monday, 24 June 2013

Nails: "Zebra's ready to Party"

So today its just going to be a really short post (as short as possible); I intended to fill it with loads of pics, but...a technical difficulty happened and there's a slight change of plans.

So, ok here's the thing

Like about two weeks ago I bought a handful of new polishes. These were both brands I don't have yet but I still bought them because 1. I was curious and 2. I needed to pamper myself for a while. And Last Saturday...well...you guessed it right, bought 4 more. (No, I'm not an addict)

Divided the first purchase in three different nail looks but lost the pictures of the previous two somehow when I changed my phone. (Bummer, I know...). So I decided to do quick series of these newbies. Each time one nail look and my personal review of the brand. Shall we?

First look "Zebra'S ready to Party" , achieved with Funky Yellow from Kleancolor(the new polish) and a simple black polish.

For being a neon hue I think the lacquer is quite opaque. With two tin coats I had it covered.
To my opinion the consistency could have been more shiny. I HAD to use topcoat to give it more live.
But overall I'm super content with the results; it's bright, cute, easy application and dries pretty fast. Am ready to try the other Kleancolor polishes I bought.
(Print simply achieved with a cheap nail stamp I bought last year) :P

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