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Friday, 31 May 2013

Misc: June Photo Challenge

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for the challenge of the coming month.
Pff...I even received multiple messages this morning from one of you lol...

If there’s ONE thing you gotta do...is CHILL OUT DUDE!!! Relaaaaaaxxxxx...

But here you go...The June Photo Challenge...
I know I’m not the only random mind around (while I can be pretty random). So why not make June a totally random month?
Some of the words/phrases may sound weird...but hey, it’s all part of it.
I-AM-ANXIOUS to see all you’ll be coming up with.
Rules are exactly as the challenges of the previous months...
I hope you have lots of fun while at it...
Aaaaaaaaaannnndddddd GO!!!
p.s. I forgot to add the tag for those posting on Twittah :) this month its #RandomMissJune

X's & O's

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nails: La-la-lavender

I promised some of you I'd post yesterday...
But my lazy butt got the best of me.
But here it is...my new nail art.

I call it "La-la-lavender". And it's quite simple. (Believe me...much simpler that it actually might look.)
I painted the ring finger and the middle finger first in a solid white color. And for the rest of the fingers I chose Silky Purple from Jordana.
Once the white was totally dried I used an old ballpoint pen to add five big dots in a circle. And use a toothpick to drag a line in each dot unto the center of the circle. For the big flowers I used Purple Glam from Jordana.
Next I used a scissor to cut the other end of the toothpick and used it in the same sequence to create smaller flowers in Nail
'd it from Sally Hansen.
Almost done!!! Use a clean toothpick dipped in green polish to draw fine lines that look like the stems from these flowers... I used Limestone frome Sally Hansen.
And voila...my "La-la-lavender" nails. Of course you can use any color combination you like. Peach, pink, red, orange...you name it!
Hope you enjoyed...
Buh-Bye, lovebugs.
X's & O's

Friday, 17 May 2013

Nails: Felt like Star Trek

Hey Guys...
Lately I’ve been messing with the layout of the blog. So if you noticed, the changes might have been annoying. But I’m far not satisfied...so bear with me a while longer.

This week I decided to try out another look from Cutepolish, the Easy Glaxy Nail Art.
You know how some people make some things seem sooooo easy? Well she’s one of those. Click on the name and watch for yourselves. Sigh...
In my case I tried a dark blue polish instead of the black (Used Blue Lagoon from L.A. Colors). In person it does look darker thou...the camera flash made it look lighter than it really was). And instead of cutting a small piece of a triangular sponge to sponge the nebula, I used small eye-shadow applicators. (hihihi, I sorta like to try out my own things sometimes)
These were the results. Absolutely not as galaxy-perfect as the original but...I think it was totally wearable!

Gonna keep trying to fine-tune it....sure! Lol

In the mean time...this was it for today.

Have an awesome weekend, lovebugs!

X's & O's


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