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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Feature Post: Smokey Madness

Feature feature featuuuuuurrreeee....(read that in a melodious high pitched voice)

Yes lovebugs...it's time for another feature post. And I'm very excited to present today this friend and partner in crime of mine. I mean, if people pay close attention to our interactions, we'd probably be banned from civilization. It's THAT crazy boy, that crazy. But hell do I love the craziness...

Today we have the 'Smokey Madness' by, Mamiluka (Miluska Hansen)

She's crazy, gorgeous, fun and a couple of other things I'm not allowed to mention on my blog hahahaha (If you hear anything happened to me after posting this blog, it's probably her fault. She's gonna KILL me!! hahaha)
But ok, le friend got experimenting last Saturday and came up with this rockin' smokey look.
The whole experiment took place in a moment of total madness...

Here's the explanation I got from the make-up artist herself...

So it was this Saturday morning and I woke up realizing that I have 10 days to complete 10 assignments for school on which I normally spend a week each.. I was feeling down... so I went and took a bath, dressed myself up and started doing my makeup.. I mean.. I'll be going into history for breaking my own record so why shouldn't  I do it looking bootylicius :P   

I started off by priming my whole face with Milk of Magnesia ( to oil the face down) 
then I applied a cream eyeliner in dark brown on the zone 1 of my eyelid. 
with my 120 color eye shadow pallet I applied some black on the eye and blended it in with some brown.. ( for the natural look ) 
highlighted the crease and voila !! 

going in to history !!

And you bet it's a total home-run into history if you'd ask me.
These were the bootylicious results....

Love it oh so much!! 

Keep it up, beautiful! ;)

That's all folks... this was our feature post for today,my  lovebugs. 

And by the way,if you love being creative with your hair, nails and or make up and would like to be featured on Hello Dazzling, mail me your pictures (at least two), with an explanation of how you achieved the look at Hellodazzlingblog@Gmail.com and I'll get back to you. (hello dazzling blog it is)

Much love, honeys...

X's n' O's



Monday, 19 November 2012

Pieces of Pastel

Another make-up look it is...

Honestly, I'm getting tired of the wait myself. So I might do another nail look shortly...

But in the mean time, this is it...
'Pieces of Pastel' a look I wore yesterday and personally loved it!

On the eyelid I applied pastel pink all over and white from the crease to the brow bone. Then I added light blue under the eyes, but not all the way to the inner corner.
In the inner corner I applied light green instead.
And then I added dark gray to the outer corner of the eye to accentuate the look, blend them...and ready steady.

 And since I mentioned my hair in the previous post...
In this post I simply parted a section in the front and tucked it back with a few hair pins.
The rest of my hair is held with a banana clip. As simple as that...

Well...that was it for today, lovebugs...
Hope you liked!

X's n' O's



Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shnitsz I've tried: The Teabag Nail repair

As you already know, I'm in the process of getting my nails back on track. You know, healthy and fortified nails and all that.
In the process I'm dealing with 'moody' nails here... And one of those 'moods' was my left thumb's rage last week...

In spite of the fact that I've cut the nails pretty short lately (thou not all the way in), the thumbnail decided to split.
The kind of painful split...very near to the skin. So, if I was to tear the nail off I would have surely tore my skin open as well. Mega Ouch!

I had two dillemas thou with this whole split... #1. The thumb would look naked without that nail and the nails will look kinda uneven (me no like) and #2. The split was annoying and it would hurt everytime I hit the thumb (which magically happened often now that the nail was split) or it would constantly get stuck in my clothes and or hair (grrrr)

Then I remembered this tip I saw on Pinterest; where you use a teabag, nail glue and a file to repair the split. A good time to try this out and see if it works, right?

For those of you who never heard of the teabag nail repair technique; it is the idea that you cut a small piece of the teabag, glue it on the split area and than file/buff it to even it out with your natural nail. Then you can apply your regular polish on it, as if nothing.

Guess this link here brings you to one of the pictograms of the teabag nail repair on Pinterest.

But ok..., I've tried it...

Consecutively, you see the famous split, the pieces of teabag and when the teabag was applied on the nail (not filed and or buffed yet).

The repair helped the nail survive a night out (DINNER! fyi..so you won't think I went out dancing and bumping the nail everywhere), but the very next day the repair split too...
And with it, the nail split a little further...right on the skin. Couldn't take the pain and torture much longer, so I took a nail clipper and freed the nail from its self- inflicted torture. It'll grow back...sniff..am gonna miss it...sniff (LOL)

But anyways, my review of the whole teabag nail repair...either I did something totally wrong or it doesn't work.

I'll be looking out for more Shnitsz (tips) to try and then tell you whether it worked for me or not. So be on the lookout for more SHNITSZ on Hello Dazzling.

As for now, AU REVOIR my lovebugs,

X's n' O's



Tuesday, 13 November 2012


This is yet another make-up look I did before the brows were shaved (yes, I shave them instead of plucking)...On the pictures my brows look horid!!! I think they look like Gretchen...and fact is that I don't know anybody by that name. But I think that's the name of the unibrow lady in the cartoons. No offense if any blog reader's name is Gretchen.
My brows now look neat and beautiful again...and am I happy for that!! You'll get to see pictures of the after...as soon as I get my hands on them.

As for now, this is the make up I wore last Friday.
I call it 'Playtime'...again a combination of playful, juvenile colors. Purple, Hot Pink and dark blue...

I covered my eyelids in purple and added hot pink to the crease...all the way up almost up to the brows. It is normal to make night looks more intense...and I do that by using a dark shade in the outer corner of my eyes...black, dark brown...I even used a dark turquoise once. This time it was dark blue...I love this tone of dark blue!!
To highlight the eyes a bit I dabbed white right under the brows.

A very tin line of liquid eyeliner, mascara and a dash of plum blush...and I was ready to head out. In the car I added a light pink gloss (you can see it on the last picture)...and that was it...
And Playtime!!!!

(giggles)...and YES...I'm wearing my Natural hair in a pouf!!! :P Easy yet beautiful...

Hope you liked it, lovebug

X's n' O's



Thursday, 8 November 2012

'Strawberry Chocolate Swirls'

Yet another make-up look...the nails are still in treatment :p

By the way...pardon me the undone brows in both the make-up looks, I'm obliged not to shave them for a week. The pictures were taken last Saturday. they look worse now. But Í shouldn't shave them yet...until this Saturday, for a project I'm about to do...
As soon as I'm done with the project I'll tell you more about it. (probably)

But ok...today's look...'Strawberry Chocolate Swirls'
A combination Of pink and browns...
Not all too soft or too bouyiant. Perfect if you're someone who isn't used to using a lot of colors. (Thou that person is not me..as you might have already noticed)

A light shade of pink was dabbed on half the lid and under the eyes. Then, on the outer half of the eyelid and all the way up the crease I added a sparkly medium-dark brown. To accentuate the look I added a darker shade of brown in the sparkly one on the outer corner of the eye and added a very fine line with a liquid eye-liner, as close to my lashes as possible. Dashed some white in the inner corner of the eye and lightly along the brows ...et Voila!! Sweet, swirly and ready to go.

The pictures were taken after I already got home, so I my lip gloss already wore off completely. But I used a light pink gloss with little sparkles...which to my opinion, matched beautifully.

Now, that's the look I had for today...

Take Care, lovebugs...and stay beautiful!

X's n'O's



Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ballet Night

Today it's time for yet another make-up look.
Mainly because I'm trying to give the nails a week rest. I've had mayor breakage, splitting and chipping..to the point I cut them short and am treat them a while...

In the mean time this is one of the recent make-up looks I sported on a crazy GNO (Girls Night Out).

I'd call this "Ballet Night". A simple combination of white, fucshia and black.
Imagine a girl in a pink and white tutu pirouetting through the night (ever mentioned I have a vivid imagination?? Lol)

On the inner eye I used an off-white shade, which looks pretty much light on the pictures. The fucshia was just applied in the middle of the eyelids and on the outer eye I applied black... spreading it on the crease and just a little bit under the eye in the outer corner. A nude lipgloss, and voila... ready to rumba the whole night!

Hope you like it, lovebugs!

X's n'O's



Friday, 2 November 2012

Feauture post: Purple Cracked Nails

Her mom says we have a bunch of things in common. Choices, behavior, thoughts... a WHOLE lot.
But guess what, that's no problem to me thou... it's a total pleasure to have a twin soul in such a beautiful girl like Mythzy.

Between all the things we have in common, she loves nail polishes too... (but that shouldn't really surprise you hahaha).
As soon as her mother showed me the picture of these nails I was lovestruck...
It's been a while since I last used crackle...so this insipred me to try a cracked nail art myself one of these days!

So without any more blah blah's...may I proudly present to you the lovely 'Purple Cracked Nails' by Mythzy (Mythzarah Zwerwer)

...and this is the explanation in the words of the nail artist herself:

Hi sy!  How are you? I'm glad you liked my nails.                            
I used 2 coats of Essie (St. Lucia Lilac) and let them dry for about 5 minutes and then topped it off with one thin layer of L.A girl purple cracked nail polish. 
Don't forget to use a top coat.                                       
You inspire me to do fun looks on my nails. I love your website sy!
You're awesome.                                                
Hugs and kisses,                                     

Well...I've said this a couple of times and I repeat... I totally LOVE your nails Mythzy!!! they look sooooo gorgeous... 
Thank you, beautiful<3

So this was today's feaute post. I'm sure you guys will love it as much as I do...

X's n' O's

Totally dazzled and proud,


Thursday, 1 November 2012

In Your AdVintage

Today we have what I concider to be a retro/ vintage look. Hence the name 'In Your AdVintage'

At first I was going to do a simple swatch of the 'Nail'd it!'from Sally Hansen...

I love the soft lavender color of this polish (thou it looks pink-ish in the picture). Have to say it's pretty opaque as well, on the picture above I'm only wearing one coat. And I kept it at that.
Dries up very quickly so I could continue with my other things in no time flat.

...then the next day I decided to turn it up a bit. In Miami I bought a couple of Konad stamps. This is from the m65. I stamped the pattern on with 'Hypnotizing' from Jordana and added 'Gold Sparkle'from L.A. Colors to my ring finger.

Changed the whole look of things In Your AdVintage...:)


I'm up for simple nail arts these days...pretty perfect for busy ladies like myself.
Hope you liked it.

X's n' O's



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