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Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin Carving at the House of Dracula

Today I have a 'what looks like Halloween' post. It didn't last a day on my nails...and I'm sure with just an extra dime of dedication I could've come up with something a little more sofisticated lol.

But this is what I came up with in a moment of boredom.
'Pumpkin Carving at the House of Dracula' (hahaha another drama name)

One hand was supposed to be glow in the dark orange and the other was supposed to be sponged with black with the addition of a bloody accent nail. But I did both looks on the left hand just for the pictures...(Yip...I cheated)

Couldn't manage to have a visible picture of the glowing nails that night...but they sure glowed scary enough hahaha.

It's not much...but here goes...

This is the orange glow in the dark polish from Claire's. I decided to just swatch it... I was curious about the outcome seriously. The concistency is very light...it took me between 4 to 5 coats to get it to look this opaque.
It dries up matte and a tinsy bit chalky. But I liked how bright it looked on my nails. Every wave of my hand catched attention.

Did the other hand too when I tried this swatch and went out that night with my orange nails. Oh the attention when I stood in the dark with my lit up nails...

To achieve this next look I used Black and Hot Red..both from Jordana. I brushed a line of black at the tip of my nails, cutted a triangular make-up sponge in two and sponged the line upward. Thou not all the way up.
On the ring finger I painted what-should-look-like a blood drip with a small brush and dabbed the used brush along the edge of the black.

Top it off with a top coat and Voila!

Hope you enjoyed, pumpkins...!

X's n' O's



Friday, 26 October 2012

Swatch: Pastel Blue

Another quicky...and this time I decided to go for a swatch.

One of the polishes I bought in Miami was the Nabi 'Pastel Blue'. Remember how I told you I got them for a bargain price?
Well this morning it was the turn for this pastel blue.

I have been searching for a baby blue polish for a while. Only, I wanted one without any shimmer. The Pastel Blue is a bit deceiving in the bottle I must say. I thought it looked lighter. But on my hand it looks a bright-ish pastel blue.

The concistancy is very thick (dislike!) and the application didn't go smooth. I felt as though it was going to look streaky..thank God, it did proof me wrong.

I like the color thou. It's vivid and quite eye-catching. Pardon the smudges by the way...the nails were done in the car!!!!

Still looking for the baby blue...without shimmer.
If there are any suggestions, let me know!

X's n' O's



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

'Welcome To Pretty-landia

'Welcome To Pretty-landia' ; the land of pretty damsels and beautiful girls.


It's the feeling I got with this pretty simple nail design I tried this week. It's super simple...I quickly did it in the morning before leaving for work. So you'd get an idea of the true simplicity of this design. yeah, HAD to be simple!!!

It gives me the feeling of a flag... A very pretty flag haha. So I called it 'Welcome to Pretty-landia'
Use your imagination and picture the fairy-tale beauty of this land.

Since we are still in October (READ: breast cancer awareness month) I went for the pink again. At first I wanted to do a simple swatch but decided to jazz it up a little in the end.
This pink is the 'Look At Me' from Colormates. Yup, the one my mom swatched last week. Only, this time I added a shiny top coat. It is actually a deep pink with purple and blue-ish tiny glitters...very very tiny. I think they 'don't really stand out without a top coat. That, you can see on the first two pictures below. That's the color without the top coat on.

One very good thing about this color, was the fact that I could do with just one coat (if I wasn't up for a completely opaque finish)

here...one coat...

two coats

Right on the index fingers I added simple  diagonal striped in 'Express in Yellow'from Jordana PopArt. And right when it was dry I adden a black twirly floral design.

Pretty enough to serve as the flag of the pretty land I have in my imagination. Hihi
You know, to represent the people of Pretty-landia (Like you for example! :D)

Well lovebugs,

See you around!

X's n' O's



Monday, 15 October 2012

'I Have Boobies'

In honor of all the beautiful women (and men) battling breast cancer worldwide, THIS goes for you.
As you may already know, October is Breast cancer Awareness month. Pink Ribbons everywhere to raise awareness on this illness.
I know some people who battled breast cancer, and I'm aware women and men should get themselves examined every now and then. I've got a lot of admiration for those who live to share their experiences with others. My grain I want to contribute with this month is the following nail art. May I present to you ‘I Have Boobies’ a nail art for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
On the pinky, index finger and the thumb I used Metallic Champagne from Nabi, a super girly metallic pink.
The Glittery nail is Paparazzi from Colormates...lots and lots of glitter
The background of the accent nail is Little Brown Dress from Essie, the ribbon is in Picture Perfect Pink from Jordana Pop Art Nail Design and the little flower is a simple nail sticker..GORGEOUS isn't it?!

I was going to do some stamping on the Metallic Champagne nails, but decided in the end I’d better keep it on the simpler side.

Momsikens has been shopping in my stash lately for her very own NOTW. So far I could persuade her to try some very outspoken colors, like for example a bright banana yellow. This week she’s also on the pink side. WHOOT-WHOOT
This is the swatch of the Look at Me from Colormates. The Finish is more on the matte side; not COMPLETELY matte, as you can see, but it lacks shine. Nevertheless I think it’s a beautiful bright pink. Definitely a plus for my stash!

Anyways...this is all for today. Hope you enjoyed!
Any Breast Cancer Awareness look yourself?
X’s n’ O’s

Friday, 12 October 2012

Naturel with a tint

Make-up look for today....the everyday look.

You know how we all have our everyday look; that look we'd wear on an everyday basis...
Some of us go for the 'Au Naturel', some would go for a simple make up and yet others take it to the more buoyant level...

This is basically my everyday look. I say it's 'Naturel with a Tint'... It can be worn with any color of clothing and it's easy to touch-up if necessary.

I used a golden tint on the eyelids... but for an everyday look any neutral color will do just fine. Sometimes I do vary between the neutrals myself.
This golden tint is available in the Little Black book of eyeshadows (Naturals) from L.A.Color

I have small eyes and I noticed that if I accentuate the upper lid of the eye, it gives the impression of them being a tad bit bigger. I tight-lined the upper lashes so to make them look fuller and used an eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible...you barely see the line.

On the upper lashes I applied black mascara and dark brown on the lower lashes so to keep them lighter than the upper ones...
Finished the look with a neutral gloss ( Tangy Tangerine from E.L.F. Glossy Gloss), and you're ready to go.

Sometimes I add a neutral blush to kick it up a bit. I don't know why, but I didn't do it on this particular day.
And you can play with your neutral eye-shadows and the lip-glosses to give it a different tint everyday...but the technique stays exactly the same.

The reason I like to use a simple everyday look is because it's easy to look different when people see you elsewhere, it's easy to touch-up and if (for any reason) you need to play it up into a night look it's pretty easy to do!

Well, hope you liked it, lovebug.

X's n' O's



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

'Though Princess'

Miraculously I'm keeping up with the posts...

and even if I say it myself...I think I need an award for this...the keeping up...

Today we have 'Though Princess'...love the name and both the polishes I tried this time

Used the magnetic gray named '' and the Sun-changing gray glitters called ''. That's what brought me to the name exactly...
When I'm inside it's all gray...and it looks tough. The gray gives the impression of steel...metal and such. Especially with the magnetic effect...
But as soon as I go in the sun the glittery nails turn deep pink....just lovely. As though the princess behind all the heavy metal is peeking outside...

And to top the girly edge, I added some white flowery stamps on the sun-changing nails...
Et Voila...
I love these...really...

Can't wait to try out all the other ones.

X's n' O's



Saturday, 6 October 2012

'I'll Pink about it'

And it's time for yet another make-up look...

I had this one pending for a while, just didn't have enough time to post it.
But here it goes, hope you like it.

This one's called 'I'll Pink about it'...and as the name implies it's basically pink.

Used a semi-soft pink eyeshadow from the Profusion Eyeshadow Pallette and the waterproof eyeliner pen from E.L.F. to achieve the eye-look. I didn't want the line of the eyeliner all too thick, so I tried to keep it as close to the lash line as possible. And sincerelly...I love the eyes!

On the cheeks I used Blushing Rose from Jordana and Hot Pink on the lips...also from Jordana

Now that I see the pictures, maybe I should have gone for a sheer pink for the lips or opted for softer eyes. That is, of course, to achieve a softer version of the same look.

Either way, it's all about trials and errs...and as you can see, I enjoy trying!

This is all for today, lovebugs.

X's n'O's



Thursday, 4 October 2012

'Superheroe Love

Now, I know it’s been a long time...and this time you should blame E.L. James.  Eversince I'm back from Miami, I'm stuck on the 'Fifty Shades Trilogy'. (sigh) I'm really doing my best not to devour the books...
I'll consider doing a post with my review on these books on my personal blog, 'The Chronicles of Sy'...

Found some time to start trying out my newest aquisitions and for today we have 'Superheroe Love'...
A matte based, very simple look.

The pink is 'Dream On' and the blue is 'Ciao Bella'...both from Sinful Colors. I used the Matte-ly in love topcoat from Hard Candy on the Pink nails so to achieve a perfectly matte finish.
On the accent nails, when the blue polish was completely dry of course, I painted a little heart with the pink using a very small brush. And when this too was dry I outlined it with a yellow nail art polish.

Looks very superheroe-ish to me...Lol
And it was very quick and easy...allowing me enough time in between the waiting for the nails to dry to go read some more pages of the Fifty Shades.

Gotta go now, lovebugs. Not to read thou (I guess) hahah

X's n' O's



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