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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Misc: May Photo Challenge

Well, it's that time of the month again...
Yups..time for another photo challenge. (I mean, what else did you think?)@2

It's been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, still media and everything around us is (trying to) draw us a certain image of what is beautiful...isn't it so?
Which made me wonder, What if the beholder perceived beauty without the worldly criterion of beauty?

Well this month we decide to dedicate it to everything beautiful.
In the end, when we pay close attention there's beauty all around us. Even in places we fear to look and in the corners we oftentimes won't take a second look at.

So here's the thing. Starting May 1st show us everything beautiful that you have around AND within.
Remember, what you find beautiful doesn't necessarily need to be according to the generic/worldly standards of beauty. It's whatever YOU find beautiful!!!

The Rules are still the same as all the previous months:

  1. Take a picture a day that you think fits the daily description
    (Remember, it doesn't need to be generic and people don't necessarily need to agree with you. It's how YOU see it!)
  2. You can use any photo taking device you want
  3. Share your pics with the rest of us.
    (If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #BeautyDepartment)
  4. Don't forget to have loads of fun while at it.
Free your creativity and let's enjoy another beautiful month together.

p.s. If perhaps you have suggestions (maybe for upcoming themes and daily words) feel free to mail me at hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com or leave your comments below.

That's it for today lovebugs,

X's and O's



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