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Monday, 29 April 2013

Nails: In Royal Occassion

Here's another quickie...

So tomorrow is Queen's Day. Which is a national holiday celebrated throughout the Dutch Kingdom (actually celebrating the birthday of the queen...not Beatrix, Juliana; the previous one). And since Curacao (my little beautiful island) is part of the Dutch Kingdom, we celebrate too.
Tomorrow is going to be the last Queens Day celebration for now. Since queen Beatrix has announced that on April 30th of this year she will abdicate and her son, Willem-Alexander will be inaugurated as king of the Dutch Kingdom.

Well, for as unpatriotic as I can be, I decided to do something on my nails for the last Queen's Day anyways.
Using the colors that are used during this celebration...
ORANGE (used wide-ranged representing the Dutch royal dynasty "House of Orange") and the color of the Dutch flag RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Yada yada yada...enough history lesson. This is the super quick nail art I ended up with...
Orange and white bases with red and blue accents...(with some gold glitters on the pinky)

There, I hope you liked it.

Have you done anything crazy with your nails for Queen's day? Let me know!
In the mean time, I've already thought about my next nail art. Got a couple of days off, so you'll probably hear from me soon again (I'm gonna do my best...really)

X's & O's



Anonymous said...

Inloveeeeeeee with your nails. I'm currently enjoying my 'DOT by Marc Jacobs' inspired nails (how unpatriotic can I be?) LOL :D

Kathleen Richardson said...

Beautiful colors, Sy. I'm wearing an orange shirt right now and have noticed orange abounding in the world around me. Nothing to do with Curacao, however. I even had to look you up in Wikipedia. Now that I know, I won't forget.

S.A.E. Sling said...

I normally would have been as unpatriotic as you...Lol
Any pictures of your DOT inspired nails?

Thank you very much doll. Haha...you were celebrating Queen's day with us unknowingly. And I'm glad my post has introduced you to the pearl in the Caribbean :P You're welcome to visit anytime!

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