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Monday, 24 June 2013

Nails: "Zebra's ready to Party"

So today its just going to be a really short post (as short as possible); I intended to fill it with loads of pics, but...a technical difficulty happened and there's a slight change of plans.

So, ok here's the thing

Like about two weeks ago I bought a handful of new polishes. These were both brands I don't have yet but I still bought them because 1. I was curious and 2. I needed to pamper myself for a while. And Last Saturday...well...you guessed it right, bought 4 more. (No, I'm not an addict)

Divided the first purchase in three different nail looks but lost the pictures of the previous two somehow when I changed my phone. (Bummer, I know...). So I decided to do quick series of these newbies. Each time one nail look and my personal review of the brand. Shall we?

First look "Zebra'S ready to Party" , achieved with Funky Yellow from Kleancolor(the new polish) and a simple black polish.

For being a neon hue I think the lacquer is quite opaque. With two tin coats I had it covered.
To my opinion the consistency could have been more shiny. I HAD to use topcoat to give it more live.
But overall I'm super content with the results; it's bright, cute, easy application and dries pretty fast. Am ready to try the other Kleancolor polishes I bought.
(Print simply achieved with a cheap nail stamp I bought last year) :P


Kathleen Richardson said...

Such a cute look.

S.A.E. Sling said...

Thank you Kathleen <3

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