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Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails: Be My (unconventinal) Valentine

Bon siman dazzling, (which means Good week)

Valentines day is approaching...and we all know how commercialized the worldwide celebration of love and friendship is.
ALMOST every shop will be covered in white and red and eager people trying to find the perfect gift for their valentine...

And today I brought you a nail design especially made with Valentines Day in mind. Only, I decided not to use the conventional red and white combo. Thus the plea...for you to "Be My (unconventional) Valentine"

Hmmmm...a not-so-everyday combination? Mint green and hot pink...Bingo!

First I covered all the nails except the ring fingers in 'Mint Candy Apple'from Essie, and later I painted the ring fingers in 'The Pinky and The Brain'from Catrice/
Let them dry completely!
With a sharpie or a nail art pen, paint a big heart on the ring fingers and fill it in with a darker blue/green glitter hue. In this case I used 'Cosmo'from Jordana.
On the middle finger and the index I drew little hearts using 'The Pinky and The Brain' and a toothpick. Then drew little cute dotted lines under each heart with a nail art pen.

Once dry, seal it all in with your fave topcoat and go love a little out there.

Aaaaaaand that's all folks. I'll try and see if I can at least do one more v-day post before the 14th. But I won't promise. :P (What???? I'm LAZY sometimessss...you guys know that)
Haha, anyways... love you, lovebugs!!!

X's n O's




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