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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Make-Up: 'Blue water Flamingoes'


We made it through yet another year. And I'm happy to have you guys in 2013 with me... Be it to just read my blog, or to comment every now and then, or to inspire me, or to believe in my craziness....
Know what, let's Rock 2013!!

BTW, today we start the January Photo Challenge....You're still in time to participate. Come on up...upload that picture babeh!

In my last post I promised that I had some pending posts. One of them was make- up looks...
I thought I could make a collage of the make up looks to show you, but when I went through them I decided otherwise...
So here's the first post...'Blue water Flamingoes', a combination of gold, peach and blue.

To achieve this look is pretty easy. I first covered the whole eyelid with a goldy shade to start with. Then I added a peach shade on half the eyeball area...the outer half in this case. Next, I put some dark blue on the crease and accentuated the eye with a black shade in a V-shape starting from the upper lashes up to the outer crease. Don't forget to blend everything well. It is what makes a make up look beautiful and finished.

I wore a peach dress with blue accesoires...royal blue... So I wanted to have some blue in my make-up too but not too much. In addition to the blue in the crease, I lined my inner lower lid with a liquid eyeliner in electric blue...
And the make-up is ready... You can go out there and party like crazy now!

Now, this is it for now beautiful people...
I still have more pending posts. I hope to have the time to sit down and schedule a few more.
Stay pending. And if anything, mail me on hellodazzlingblog@gmail.com, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

X's n' O's 




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