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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nails: 'Doodle my Heart' & 'Cloud Nine'

Riiiight before V-day...yet another unconventional nail look. OMG...everywhere is stacked with red and white....bears, flowers, chocolate boxes, candy...you know how it goes, right?

Well here, two easy breezey looks to quickly make your nails V-day ready. (in an unconventional way)

The first is a silly one I did last week but 'didn't have enough time to post.
The 'Doodle My Heart' nails...

Can you say easy???

I painted my nails in 'Genius in The Bottle' from Catrice and 'Chifon' from Jordana.
Once the nails were completely dry I grabbed a nail art pen (you can also use a sharpie) and doodled away on the Chifon nails.
Hearts, kisses, love...you choose.
Once dry, top it with your favorite topcoat to seal your art and TA-DA!!!
Unconventional and simple...


Then we have 'Cloud Nine', multi-colored, girly and fun.

All but the accent nails were painted in 'Morning Glory' from LA COLORS. Two coats will do the trick.
The middle finger was painted in white first sine I wanted to use the pink glittery glow in the dark polish from Claire's and it's very sheer.
The ring finger 'Light Blue' from Nabi.

When the accent nails are dry (paint them first so they'd dry while you paint the others), cover the middle finger with your glittery shade of choice and used a dotting tool dipped in white polish to paint cloud-like skuiglee (word not existent) clouds on the ring finger. And let it dry!!!
Once ready, paint a big heart in a bright color on the nail surrounded by small flying hearts all around.

Ahhhhh....love is in the air!!!

Top off with your favorite top-coat and drift away with love...

Well...happy love and friendship day tomorrow, my lovebugs!!! I love and appreciate you guys immensely...
Lots of kisses and warm hugs...

X's n' O's



Kathleen Richardson said...

I'm so pleased to have discovered Hello Dazzling! Now that I'm in my 60s, I'm a bit braver about wearing colors other than pink or pale orange. Thanks for all this inspiration.

S.A.E. Sling said...

Wow!!! :) Thank you Kathleen!And I'm pleased to have you!!! Hope you really enjoy and get inspired. I'll make sure to follow you back as soon as I get to my pc (tihi)

X's n'O's,


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