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Friday, 17 May 2013

Nails: Felt like Star Trek

Hey Guys...
Lately I’ve been messing with the layout of the blog. So if you noticed, the changes might have been annoying. But I’m far not satisfied...so bear with me a while longer.

This week I decided to try out another look from Cutepolish, the Easy Glaxy Nail Art.
You know how some people make some things seem sooooo easy? Well she’s one of those. Click on the name and watch for yourselves. Sigh...
In my case I tried a dark blue polish instead of the black (Used Blue Lagoon from L.A. Colors). In person it does look darker thou...the camera flash made it look lighter than it really was). And instead of cutting a small piece of a triangular sponge to sponge the nebula, I used small eye-shadow applicators. (hihihi, I sorta like to try out my own things sometimes)
These were the results. Absolutely not as galaxy-perfect as the original but...I think it was totally wearable!

Gonna keep trying to fine-tune it....sure! Lol

In the mean time...this was it for today.

Have an awesome weekend, lovebugs!

X's & O's



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