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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nails: My version of the animated cartoon design

After what seems like a decade, here's a quickie...just so you know I've been (kinda) busy at it lately.

Last week an FB friend posted a very interesting tutorial vid of this cute design.

Animated Cartoon Nail Design by Cute Polish

And I promised Id try them out in the weekend.
So heres the results!! Came out pretty ok if you ask me...LOL
The video explains exactly how it's done, so watch and try if you want to (and let me know how yours came out)
Anyways...here you go! ENJOY!!

How pretty is THAT???
I''m curious to see if one of you guys are going to try it to and how it will come out.
Of course you can try other colour combos as well...
Or different colours on each finger!!

Let me know...

Until then!

X's and O's



Anonymous said...

Pure awesomeness!! I don't think I can achieve a nail design like that because of my clumsiness LOL xo

S.A.E. Sling said...

Not THAT difficult...Lol...not that difficult at all. :))

Kathleen Richardson said...

That's so cute. I watched the video, too, and the second method looks like it would be easier to do on our own nails.

S.A.E. Sling said...

Hey Kathleen. Thanks for the comment. Well I actually did the first method but instead of using a black striper to outline the nails, I used a black nail art pen (Sally Hansen)...pretty handy!!! My concearn with the second method is that I might stay with dark shadows behind the pink polish. Butmaybe you can try it out...and let us know how it came out.
Take care! X's and O's

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