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Monday, 31 December 2012

Nails: Fireworks and Glam

Here's a quick post, just to show you a very easy idea I had for new year nails.

First I had this very extravagant idea in my head, but when I executed it, that all it was...extravagant. And in my opinion, not in an all too cute way. So immediately I took em off...but not without shamelessly taking a picture first to show you guys. I mean...you have the right to see my fails too...-_-
Only thing about this idea...there was too much going on on one hand. Fireworks, wishes, champagne flute, glitters, polka dots... hmmmm waaaayyy tooooo much momma...way too much!

started well...

ended in fatality...

So the next I tried something more....basic and beautiful...black and glitter.
I covered my ring finger and my thumb in 'Circus Confetti' from Essence and the remaining nails are simply 'Black' from Jordana.
I opted for the 'Circus Confetti' because it's a multi-colored glitter shade. It gives the impression of a party, new year, fire works...happiness. But you can choose any glittery shade you like.

When the nails were dry, I did this wannabe gradient  diagonally on the pinky and the index finger using the 'Circus Confetti'. Notice that for a change, one gradient is coming down and the other one is going up.
On the middle finger, simply using white polish and a thin brush, I wrote 2013. Wait for it all to dry..top up with a shiny topcoat and boom...colorful, festive new year nails!

Hope you like it, lovebugs...

I still have make-up looks to share with you guys and an update to the no-bake dessert. But this'll be it for now.
I wish you a smashing 2013. Thank you for your love, trust and support throughout 2012. May the best of all the bests fall in your bosoms in this coming year and may you come to enjoy every second of it.
Hope to be able to count on you amid 2013 as well.
I very much appreciate each and every one of you!!!

1000 X's n' O's




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