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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Make-up: Colorful Beginnings

People do all of the craziest things for new year. My new year started in a very peculiar way...peculiar and colorful.

I combined a fucschia skinny pant with a gray and black blouse and yellow accesories for new year. And I tried this bright make up that combined the best of it all... Mostly colorful to the extremes.

So yeah, I had a pretty colorful beginning I'd say...


First, I covered the whole eye in a neutral tone. I like to do that, as a color solid background for whatever color I intend to use on the eye. The Eyelids were covered in yellow. The yellow I have is originally pretty light, so I used a liquid primer to help it hold and make it pop a bit more.
In the crease and up to the brow bone I used fucshia. I must say this is a pigmented powdered eye-shadow from Splash, with small gold particles. Very pretty color. I've had it for a year and barely used it, so sad!
I dashed some of the pink on the inner lower lower lid as well and the rest of the lid was painted in turquoise...just to add a drop of fun to it.

In the outer corner of the upper lid I accentuated the look with dark gray and topped it off with fake lashes from KISS (I think these were the Juicy Volume #2)

As colorful as my new year could get...
Fireworks were happening on my face as well as in the sky. And I was happy with the results... as crazy as it might have looked..

Would you dare color your 2013 crazy...?? Be it with make-up, nails, cooking, crafting or with (fill in your talent/passion). Go ahead...sprinkle some color on your new year...

X's n O's\




Anonymous said...

Love the look!

Ps. Your hair is soooo cool :D xx

S.A.E. Sling said...

Thank you miss Cris!!! :D

The hair was supposed to be Fucschia...but it came out this color...lol...

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