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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mint Chocolate chip...(and more)

Just as I told you in my last post...the patriotic nails didn't quite survive Monday. Not because they chipped ore anything, but because they were one of my least favorites.
By the way, besides ruining the look of the semi gradient I did, the chunky silver glitters were a pain in the butt to remove. (Sigh) But every now and then they dazzle a simple look...this one just wasn't their moment.

Did another cute look on Monday afternoon...called "Mint Chocolate Chip". Well, I aimed for a high gloss finish for this one...thought it'll look cuter!
That was my death sentence literally. The only high gloss top coat I have at the moment is the Sally Hansen Acrylic Top Coat...and THAT, my dear reader, is a major fail! It is indeed super glossy and it dries pretty quick. But some of the nails got tiny air bubbles after a while and most of them crackled lightly...
So much, it bothered me intensely. Last night I just re-did the whole mani...and ditched the high gloss for just a regular top coat. So here are a few pictures of the "Mint Chocolate Chip"
(p.s. I went to Baskin Robbins today...and the colors look exactly alike hihihi)

I used my two new Essie polishes as the main colors. The minty green is Mint Candy Apple and the brown is Brown Dress. The two accent nails on each hand has White from Jordana as a base color.
The Essie nail polishes rate very high in my first impression chart... They cover very well, goes on smoothly, dries pretty quick and have a beautiful shine. Definitely getting more...

And oh...for the accent nails I used simple masking tape and an old pen! Why spend money on expensive tools when you can be creative? haha...

Last but not least...and especially for the friend of mine who called me an addict recently...THIS is my very humble nail polish collection.
Or at least a big part of it... Isn't THAT MUCH, is it? hahahaha

 And this was done by the little bro last Saturday. I guess he was in a loving mood and wanted to surprise me. So he did this as I left to buy some food. Thought it was very cute of him...

Anywayszszsz cuties...lemme leave you for now.
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