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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fiesta madness and a dazzling zebra

Been gone for a while, but that didn't mean I 'haven't been dazzling things up around here...

Well let's start with the make up today.
Last Sunday I did this colorful eye make up I called "Fiesta", and it looked kinda like this...
(I think the lighting of the picture makes it look quite different than it really was if you'd seen it personally.)

It is a combination of lime green (in the inner corner of the eye), turquoise (on the eyeball), blue (on the outer corner) & Purple (on the crease).
It was simply colorful and fun!! Wore a simple purple dress with it and enjoyed all the attention. haha

I thought it looked a bit like a previous make-up I did a while ago, called Carnival (below)
Wore this to the theater with my rascals :D

(Yellow, Pink, Turquoise and purple...a whole pallet (lol) except for the orange shade in the pallet)

I LOVEEEE playing with colors, as you might have noticed. One of these days I'll post some of the previous make up I did (mostly focusing on the eye make-up).

Now, for what the nails is concearned. First and foremost, I need to add this detail...I really really loved the Essie polishes. Even the wearability scores sky high. I made it through a whole week with them with very minimum chipping; without using any special lacquer to make the color hold longer! Wauw!!!

Now this week I have, what a friend of mine called "Zebra in the Golden Sunset"...
And the name couldn't have fit any better.

It came to pass that the bottle of Genie in The Bottle (previous post) broke in shipping  (BUMMER). So, I decided to use what was left in the bottle before it hardens, and THIS is the result :)

Different angle, different lighting, different shade...isn't this color just amazing?

I must say that Catrice is also a brand I'm pretty happy with up until now. It has a flat brush which makes overall application easy and comfortable with less streaks and mess. With one coat you attain a sexy sheer color you might want to use to accentuate other nail polishes. And with two coats you have overall coverage. Amazingly good! Let's see how it rates on the wearability chart. :p

But as for now, I'm more than content! I parade around with my nails like a proud peacock and every time I look at them, a big smile appears on my face.

hmmmm...gotta go lovees...will see you around.

X's & O's




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