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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Pinky & The Brain (Catrice), Circus and Pinkerbell

Hmmmm....today is one of those days we do less talking and more posting I guess. I have SO much to show you guys.

First of all, my nails.
Yesterday I tried 'The Pinky and The Brain' from Catrice and I must say that I'm truly, deeply, madly in love with this color. Seriously, it's been two days and I can't stop looking at my hands. I think it's an indescribable beautiful and girly tone of pink; hot, deep, playful and sexy...all at the same time.
Application happened in less than ten minutes (still in love with Catrice's flat brush) and with two coats I got this really opaque cover which I think looks just lovely. Dries pretty quick and has a beautiful shine which can go without a top coat...I'm not using any here.

So, what do you think?
Cute huh?

Now the make up...
Last Saturday I decided to do another colorful combination with eye shadows. This look is called "Circus", simply because the colors really made me think of the fun of a circus.
I used red (on the eyeball), light blue (under the eye & as a base on the rest of the eyelid) & purple on the crease.
The results? CRAZY...but I liked it!

 And a PicMix with crazy faces...just for the fun.

Then on Sunday I decided to go a little less bouyiant. Besides, I was dying to try my Pinkerbell lipstick from Catrice. So I did a combo of browns on the eyes and highlighted the face with the bright and attention-calling color of my new lipstick. And it looked like this...

I think the lipstick could have been just a bit creamier on the application and maybe if they added just a teeny bit more of pigment to it, would have been glorious. But I loved the way it didn't feel thick and chunky on my lips. And even thou I had to constantly re-apply it, I think the color looked amazing.
Maybe next time I'll try it with a matte color underneath or dab a lipstick sealer on it to make it last longer. But that's next time... Gotta get running now again.

See you guys in a bit.

X's & O's




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