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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Make A Wish...

Yesterday was my birthday and I seriously had an ahhhhhh-mazing time!!!

To make things a bit more festive I did my own birthday nails called "Make a Wish".
And this is what they looked like...

I bought no cake...so I painted myself some birthday candles.

How to?
1. Paint your nails in a dark color and let it dry completely (I originally wanted to make it glittery black, but couldn't find  the black polish anywhere. So I decided to go with Mardi Grass  from Jordana as the base).

2. When dry, paint your candles (in your colors of choice). Since I barely use professional instruments I used matches (ironically enough) to stamp the candles on the nails. (the wooden part)

3. For the little fires I used 3different colors, Yellow, light orange and a darker orange. Put the colors aside each other on a plate and carefully swirl them. Then I used the head of the matches to light my candles up :D...naaah just dotted the mixed colors on the nails with the head of a match to make the flames. And let dry.

4. Almost done! Now paint a small (black) line to connect the flame with the candlestick. (I used my black nail art pen. But if you don't have one you can easily paint these with a toothpick and nail polish.) And let this dry too.

5. Lastly...add your favorite top coat. And VOILA!!

I very much enjoyed wearing my birthday nails this past weekend! And the reactions were priceless :D ...Have you worn any special designs lately?

Let me know! See you around, love bug!




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