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Friday, 6 July 2012

Gifted!!! :D

Tonight I did the most ridiculous dance moves in my room. Anyone who might have seen me, could have easily thought that I was on booze or something. haha
Pshhh... relax dude...I can assure you I'm really not (even thou I just took some migraine meds some minutes ago).

But the real reason for the joy was a gift I received....FROM ABROAD!!! :D :D :D
I know I already said this on my personal blog once (www.chroniclesofsy.blogspot.com), but really...I NEED to repeat it... I have the most amazing, fantastic and awesome sisters (in-law) of the whole world.

And so, the miss J (who lives in Holland) sent me these beauties...

Genius In The Bottle

The Pinky And The Brain

After Eight


Reasons to be ecstatic!!!!! I actually can't wait to try them ALL.....no jokes!!! These were a wonderful surprise on a night when I was actually feeling a bit stressed out!!

I couldn't wait to open the package when my lil bro handed it over to me tonight. So while talking to my mom in the kitchen, impatiently I reached for a knife and cut it open. The silly dances started right in the kitchen!!!
Before my mom could say anything I wrapped up the convo and moved to my room...where the silly dances got worse!!
The polishes still didn't make it to the box where the others are, and neither did the lipstick make it to the make-up rack yet. All because I can't stop looking at them!! (And no, I'm not kidding). So they are right there on the table...one beside the other...and every time I see them it's like opening Christmas gifts over and over again. hahahaha

Wuv you lots, J!!!! Can't thank you enough!! You're fantastic! (big hugszz)...By the way...mom says thank you too :P hihihi (btw, miss J blogs too :p www.love4sewing.wordpress.com )

Silly thing is...I just hung up on Skype with my bro in Holland, and miss J came by to wave and say hi too. Still I didn't say a word about the arrival of the gift! hihihi Pfff...I just wanted to do it publicly...thank you very much :D
I believe the world needs to know I have the coolest family ever!! :D

So, dear blog-reader, I will have to update you as soon as I take my new merchandise for a test drive. It's going to be the first time using this brand, sine it's not available here on the island. 
I will surely update you on it with pics and my personal review...

As for now...I have other things to attend hahahaha
Just dropped by to thank my sissy publicly for the amazing gift...and to write about my joy (to see if I can finally stop doing random silly dances now).

Naaaahhh can't!
But anyways...see you around!

X's & O's.

Dazzled (& ecstatic),



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