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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Feature Post: Smokey Madness

Feature feature featuuuuuurrreeee....(read that in a melodious high pitched voice)

Yes lovebugs...it's time for another feature post. And I'm very excited to present today this friend and partner in crime of mine. I mean, if people pay close attention to our interactions, we'd probably be banned from civilization. It's THAT crazy boy, that crazy. But hell do I love the craziness...

Today we have the 'Smokey Madness' by, Mamiluka (Miluska Hansen)

She's crazy, gorgeous, fun and a couple of other things I'm not allowed to mention on my blog hahahaha (If you hear anything happened to me after posting this blog, it's probably her fault. She's gonna KILL me!! hahaha)
But ok, le friend got experimenting last Saturday and came up with this rockin' smokey look.
The whole experiment took place in a moment of total madness...

Here's the explanation I got from the make-up artist herself...

So it was this Saturday morning and I woke up realizing that I have 10 days to complete 10 assignments for school on which I normally spend a week each.. I was feeling down... so I went and took a bath, dressed myself up and started doing my makeup.. I mean.. I'll be going into history for breaking my own record so why shouldn't  I do it looking bootylicius :P   

I started off by priming my whole face with Milk of Magnesia ( to oil the face down) 
then I applied a cream eyeliner in dark brown on the zone 1 of my eyelid. 
with my 120 color eye shadow pallet I applied some black on the eye and blended it in with some brown.. ( for the natural look ) 
highlighted the crease and voila !! 

going in to history !!

And you bet it's a total home-run into history if you'd ask me.
These were the bootylicious results....

Love it oh so much!! 

Keep it up, beautiful! ;)

That's all folks... this was our feature post for today,my  lovebugs. 

And by the way,if you love being creative with your hair, nails and or make up and would like to be featured on Hello Dazzling, mail me your pictures (at least two), with an explanation of how you achieved the look at Hellodazzlingblog@Gmail.com and I'll get back to you. (hello dazzling blog it is)

Much love, honeys...

X's n' O's




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