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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ballet Night

Today it's time for yet another make-up look.
Mainly because I'm trying to give the nails a week rest. I've had mayor breakage, splitting and chipping..to the point I cut them short and am treat them a while...

In the mean time this is one of the recent make-up looks I sported on a crazy GNO (Girls Night Out).

I'd call this "Ballet Night". A simple combination of white, fucshia and black.
Imagine a girl in a pink and white tutu pirouetting through the night (ever mentioned I have a vivid imagination?? Lol)

On the inner eye I used an off-white shade, which looks pretty much light on the pictures. The fucshia was just applied in the middle of the eyelids and on the outer eye I applied black... spreading it on the crease and just a little bit under the eye in the outer corner. A nude lipgloss, and voila... ready to rumba the whole night!

Hope you like it, lovebugs!

X's n'O's




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