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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shnitsz I've tried: The Teabag Nail repair

As you already know, I'm in the process of getting my nails back on track. You know, healthy and fortified nails and all that.
In the process I'm dealing with 'moody' nails here... And one of those 'moods' was my left thumb's rage last week...

In spite of the fact that I've cut the nails pretty short lately (thou not all the way in), the thumbnail decided to split.
The kind of painful split...very near to the skin. So, if I was to tear the nail off I would have surely tore my skin open as well. Mega Ouch!

I had two dillemas thou with this whole split... #1. The thumb would look naked without that nail and the nails will look kinda uneven (me no like) and #2. The split was annoying and it would hurt everytime I hit the thumb (which magically happened often now that the nail was split) or it would constantly get stuck in my clothes and or hair (grrrr)

Then I remembered this tip I saw on Pinterest; where you use a teabag, nail glue and a file to repair the split. A good time to try this out and see if it works, right?

For those of you who never heard of the teabag nail repair technique; it is the idea that you cut a small piece of the teabag, glue it on the split area and than file/buff it to even it out with your natural nail. Then you can apply your regular polish on it, as if nothing.

Guess this link here brings you to one of the pictograms of the teabag nail repair on Pinterest.

But ok..., I've tried it...

Consecutively, you see the famous split, the pieces of teabag and when the teabag was applied on the nail (not filed and or buffed yet).

The repair helped the nail survive a night out (DINNER! fyi..so you won't think I went out dancing and bumping the nail everywhere), but the very next day the repair split too...
And with it, the nail split a little further...right on the skin. Couldn't take the pain and torture much longer, so I took a nail clipper and freed the nail from its self- inflicted torture. It'll grow back...sniff..am gonna miss it...sniff (LOL)

But anyways, my review of the whole teabag nail repair...either I did something totally wrong or it doesn't work.

I'll be looking out for more Shnitsz (tips) to try and then tell you whether it worked for me or not. So be on the lookout for more SHNITSZ on Hello Dazzling.

As for now, AU REVOIR my lovebugs,

X's n' O's




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