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Friday, 2 November 2012

Feauture post: Purple Cracked Nails

Her mom says we have a bunch of things in common. Choices, behavior, thoughts... a WHOLE lot.

But guess what, that's no problem to me thou... it's a total pleasure to have a twin soul in such a beautiful girl like Mythzy.

Between all the things we have in common, she loves nail polishes too... (but that shouldn't really surprise you hahaha).
As soon as her mother showed me the picture of these nails I was lovestruck...
It's been a while since I last used crackle...so this insipred me to try a cracked nail art myself one of these days!

So without any more blah blah's...may I proudly present to you the lovely 'Purple Cracked Nails' by Mythzy (Mythzarah Zwerwer)

...and this is the explanation in the words of the nail artist herself:

Hi sy!  How are you? I'm glad you liked my nails.                            
I used 2 coats of Essie (St. Lucia Lilac) and let them dry for about 5 minutes and then topped it off with one thin layer of L.A girl purple cracked nail polish. 
Don't forget to use a top coat.                                       
You inspire me to do fun looks on my nails. I love your website sy!
You're awesome.                                                
Hugs and kisses,                                     

Well...I've said this a couple of times and I repeat... I totally LOVE your nails Mythzy!!! they look sooooo gorgeous... 
Thank you, beautiful<3

So this was today's feaute post. I'm sure you guys will love it as much as I do...

X's n' O's

Totally dazzled and proud,



Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Beautiful! I love crackle polish. There is a new technique to applying crackle. Dab i on with a sponge that has holes in it. It's a different look then the regular crack nails. Give it a try and see if you like it :)

S.A.E. Sling said...

Yes Rhonda, they are indeed very beautiful. I'll need to look up that new technique. Any DIY's on your blog? or any recommendations of a blogger that shows the how to?

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