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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Craft: The unconventional Christmas tree

Traditionally our family never decorate our Christmas tree with the conventional ornaments.
It's been like this for YEARS. And this year we discovered some people like THIS exactly about our Christmas tree...the surprise factor.

I mean, let's be honest; we've decorated the tree with cardboard boxes, aluminium foil, ragged jeans, clothes pegs...last year we did news paper. So this year it was time for plastic cups and potato sacks.

Oh believe me, me and my little brother had a good laugh just thinking about the reaction of people when they're told what your Christmas tree was decorated with...
Imagine them say something like: "What? (giggle) How cheap is that?" or " You MUST be kidding me, right?"

But hey, I come from an artistically rich family...there's so much creativity going on, that we can't help but do it our own way. (take a look on www.omarsling.com or www.francissling.com. Both my older brothers, both creativity lovers)

So this is it...with plastic cups and old potato sack it is...

We used 1fl oz. sized cups and thread. We bought a pack of ornament hangers and spray paint cans in pink and gold in a cheap store and went on making our own ornaments.

The potato sack? Well, mom just bought a sack of potatoes at the supermarket this week. So we placed the potatoes in another bag so to use the sack they came in...

And THAT'S how we roll with the Christmas tree this year...
It surely look more beautiful in person than it looks on these pics. But it's only so you'd have an idea...

I'm in love, every time I step in the living room and see the beauty of creativity standing right there.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Christmas time as much as I did, lovebugs.
Now it's up to a fruitful 2013...

X's n' O's




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