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Thursday, 27 December 2012

In the Kitchen: No-bake Chocolate goodness

One of the things I did on this Christmas day was hitting the kitchen.

Part of the whole Christmas celebration is having delicious food, right?
Well I wanted to try my own take on a no-bake dessert...
And this is it...Chocolate goodness at its best.

Crushed oreo cookies on the bottom, vanilla ice cream, liquor cake, chocolate pudding, and crushed peanut on the top. I know you can't see there's so much going on on the pics...but believe me, it was delish!!

I served it with chocolate syrup and some more crushed peanut...

How to make it?


Crush a pack of Oreo cookies (enough to totally cover the bottom of the container you're going to use).
Once totally crushed, cover the bottom of the container with the cookies, melt some butter and pour it on the crushed cookies. This, will be the crust for our dessert.
Once dry I covered the crust with vanilla Ice cream. I bought a liquor cake from the store and sliced it up. With these slices I covered the ice cream completely.
Then I covered the cake in chocolate pudding and garnished it with crushed peanuts.

After all this, I put the whole dessert in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes to let all the ingredients set.
Cut, cover in chocolate syrup, garnish with more crushed peanuts and SERVE...


You should definitely try it out!
I'm sure you'll love it!

X's n' O's




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