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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nails: "Dear Rudolph"

Right before Christmas...another Christmas nail art.

This time it's 'Dear, Rudolph'. It seems Santa has been skipping my address for the past years. I have no idea why...I've been nice...yup...I've been the nicest of 'em all. So this year I wrote Rudolph a letter instead, to see if he can direct the sleigh my way...lol... And the letter goes: "Dear, Rudolph..."

Anyways, enough craziness...this is it....
With two accent fingers total!

On the ring fingers I used 'Brown' from Jordana, Honestly, I think I should have gone for a lighter shade of brown, you barely see the nose. On the middle finger I used 'Gold Sparkle' from LA Colors. And the remaining nails are in 'Red Sparkle' from Milani. Since it's Christmas and the environment is festive, I thought about using a lot of glittery shades for this look. Thou I was already worried sick about taking all the glitter off. Those of you co- nail-polish-lovers know what a pain it can be to take off glittery polish...

Once the accent nails were totally dry I added the eyes and nose of Rudolph on the ring finger and on the middle finger I added a little ornamental piece...especially because I missed some green in the whole art.

Let everything dry thoroughly and add your favorite topcoat. And show off some glittery Rudolph nails this Christmas time...

Hope you enjoyed it once more.
Merry Christmas, you Dazzler....lol

X's n' O's




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