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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nails: "Snow, man!!"

Christmas is just around the corner. The season of joy, peace, sharing, loving...and SNOW (in certain continents).

Here on Curacao it never snows...and it probably never will, unless nature goes really 'kaboozles'. So I decided to do a snowy Christmas nail art...just for fun. And I called it "Snow, man!" just to portrait the irony of having "snow" in a particularly warm weather Island in the Caribbean.

I first started with two coats of 'Sassy Sparkle' from LA Colors (Color Craze) on both my ring fingers and 'Ciao Bella' from Sinful Colors on all remaining fingers. Let them dry thoroughly as this is going to be the background color for the nail art and if it's not dry you'll end up with messy nails.

Once it's dry I added two circles on my index fingers using a dotting tool. A larger circle as the snowman's belly and a smaller one for the head. In between the circles I left a small open space for mr. snowman's shawl.
On the remaining fingers I added a snowflake (Conad stamp nr m59) and three dots with the dotting tool.

When mr. snowman's body was dry I drew a red shawl using a fine brush in 'Hot Red' from Jordana and added a green accent with 'Dark Green' from Nabi. With the same brush a painted what would be the nose of mr. snowman using 'Perfect Sunset' from LA Colors (Color Craze).
Then with the dotting tool and 'Black' from Jordana, I added eyes and a set of buttons for the snowman...



Wait until it's dry...add your favorite topcoat and you're ready to rock these totally COOL nails for Christmas.


You can try this with an elf instead, with mr. or mrs Claus, a Christmas tree or Gingerbread man... The whole idea is to have fun!

Here's wishing you the most colorful, creative and dazzling Holiday season ever...

X's and O's




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