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Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Rose in the Darkness'

Obviously a person can just NOT wear birthday nails forever. I took them off last Monday and did these yellow retro nails. But I didn't take any pictures of it since (sincerely) it was nothing but yellow nails and black retro-like stripes (haha).
But today I decided I wanted something else. Something a little bit more fancy!

Now, there's this sketch I made for the first time in my teens. I called it, 'Rose in the Darkness'. The whole thought behind it was to be a rose in the darkness and let your beauty shine in places where beauty lacks.
It has been one of my favorite sketches....just for that thought behind it.
So I kinda recreated it on my nails....(yeay)

It's not exactly how the sketch looks like...but it does cover the idea somehow. I hope to show you the real sketch sometime...

The base is black (Jordana)
The flowers Techno Red (Milani) & Frankly Scarlet (Revlon)
The leaves Melon Green (Santee) & Voodoo (L.A. Colors)
TOPCOAT Rapi Dry (Marion)

Yeah right...a whole potpourri of polishes hahahaha

As you might already know...no professional tools have been used to paint the flowers....I used a BIC pen...
The bottom to stamp the base on and the tip to paint the swirls in.
The leaves where done with simple toothpicks.
Hahahaha be creative!!! Why spend a lot on expensive stuff??

Hope you like it.




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