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Friday, 12 October 2012

Naturel with a tint

Make-up look for today....the everyday look.

You know how we all have our everyday look; that look we'd wear on an everyday basis...
Some of us go for the 'Au Naturel', some would go for a simple make up and yet others take it to the more buoyant level...

This is basically my everyday look. I say it's 'Naturel with a Tint'... It can be worn with any color of clothing and it's easy to touch-up if necessary.

I used a golden tint on the eyelids... but for an everyday look any neutral color will do just fine. Sometimes I do vary between the neutrals myself.
This golden tint is available in the Little Black book of eyeshadows (Naturals) from L.A.Color

I have small eyes and I noticed that if I accentuate the upper lid of the eye, it gives the impression of them being a tad bit bigger. I tight-lined the upper lashes so to make them look fuller and used an eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible...you barely see the line.

On the upper lashes I applied black mascara and dark brown on the lower lashes so to keep them lighter than the upper ones...
Finished the look with a neutral gloss ( Tangy Tangerine from E.L.F. Glossy Gloss), and you're ready to go.

Sometimes I add a neutral blush to kick it up a bit. I don't know why, but I didn't do it on this particular day.
And you can play with your neutral eye-shadows and the lip-glosses to give it a different tint everyday...but the technique stays exactly the same.

The reason I like to use a simple everyday look is because it's easy to look different when people see you elsewhere, it's easy to touch-up and if (for any reason) you need to play it up into a night look it's pretty easy to do!

Well, hope you liked it, lovebug.

X's n' O's




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