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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

'Welcome To Pretty-landia

'Welcome To Pretty-landia' ; the land of pretty damsels and beautiful girls.


It's the feeling I got with this pretty simple nail design I tried this week. It's super simple...I quickly did it in the morning before leaving for work. So you'd get an idea of the true simplicity of this design. yeah, HAD to be simple!!!

It gives me the feeling of a flag... A very pretty flag haha. So I called it 'Welcome to Pretty-landia'
Use your imagination and picture the fairy-tale beauty of this land.

Since we are still in October (READ: breast cancer awareness month) I went for the pink again. At first I wanted to do a simple swatch but decided to jazz it up a little in the end.
This pink is the 'Look At Me' from Colormates. Yup, the one my mom swatched last week. Only, this time I added a shiny top coat. It is actually a deep pink with purple and blue-ish tiny glitters...very very tiny. I think they 'don't really stand out without a top coat. That, you can see on the first two pictures below. That's the color without the top coat on.

One very good thing about this color, was the fact that I could do with just one coat (if I wasn't up for a completely opaque finish)

here...one coat...

two coats

Right on the index fingers I added simple  diagonal striped in 'Express in Yellow'from Jordana PopArt. And right when it was dry I adden a black twirly floral design.

Pretty enough to serve as the flag of the pretty land I have in my imagination. Hihi
You know, to represent the people of Pretty-landia (Like you for example! :D)

Well lovebugs,

See you around!

X's n' O's




Annelie said...

Mooi kleurtje roze!

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