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Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin Carving at the House of Dracula

Today I have a 'what looks like Halloween' post. It didn't last a day on my nails...and I'm sure with just an extra dime of dedication I could've come up with something a little more sofisticated lol.

But this is what I came up with in a moment of boredom.
'Pumpkin Carving at the House of Dracula' (hahaha another drama name)

One hand was supposed to be glow in the dark orange and the other was supposed to be sponged with black with the addition of a bloody accent nail. But I did both looks on the left hand just for the pictures...(Yip...I cheated)

Couldn't manage to have a visible picture of the glowing nails that night...but they sure glowed scary enough hahaha.

It's not much...but here goes...

This is the orange glow in the dark polish from Claire's. I decided to just swatch it... I was curious about the outcome seriously. The concistency is very light...it took me between 4 to 5 coats to get it to look this opaque.
It dries up matte and a tinsy bit chalky. But I liked how bright it looked on my nails. Every wave of my hand catched attention.

Did the other hand too when I tried this swatch and went out that night with my orange nails. Oh the attention when I stood in the dark with my lit up nails...

To achieve this next look I used Black and Hot Red..both from Jordana. I brushed a line of black at the tip of my nails, cutted a triangular make-up sponge in two and sponged the line upward. Thou not all the way up.
On the ring finger I painted what-should-look-like a blood drip with a small brush and dabbed the used brush along the edge of the black.

Top it off with a top coat and Voila!

Hope you enjoyed, pumpkins...!

X's n' O's




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