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Monday, 27 August 2012

Grey had more than 50 shades...haha

Last friday I had a gig as the masters of ceremony at the installation night of the local youth brigade.
An official ceremony... in front of the prime minister and other important people (just so you might get an idea of what I'm talking about)

For this event I wore a black and white pencil dress and red stilleto shoes and I wanted the face to look a little classy as well. I ended up with grey semi-smokey eyes and red lipstick...
hmmmm...classy enough!

To my personal opinion I could have done much better. But for a quick make-up done in my car using no more than the mirror in the visor...it turned out quite OK.

Only, I think I looked more mature with this look...

Here, take a look...

I used three shades of gray on the eyes. A lighter shade on the complete eye as a base color, a medium shade on the eye bone and a darker shade on the outer corners to give it a night look.
Lips are in 'Hollywood Red' (Jordana), Blush in 'Nuance' (M.A.C.)

I plan on doing my nails tonight...so you can expect another post shortly. Besides, I have yesterdays' make-up look to show you as well...
So let's say...until soon , lovebugs.

X's n'O's




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