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Saturday, 4 August 2012

It showered...polishes

There are days when you're exhausted...I mean really really worn-out, yet you can't sleep. And today's one of those days for me. I'm (very much) sleep deprived, did a scavengers hunt basically the whole day and I'm desperatelly in need of a massage (seriously).
 But I'm also ecstatic...reason why I couldn't sleep as yet. (read: hyper-kind-of-happy...yeah with the well known silly dances.)

In one of the previous posts I told you that the 'Genius in The Bottle' (Catrice) broke in shipment and I used what was left to create 'Zebra in the Golden Sunset' before it dried. Well, my sissy in law was kind enough to send me another Genius.
And I tell you. the Genius did not travel alone...(grins widely...very widely)

I also got these other beauties...

 Acid DC

Beavis &Mud-Head (A color they actually don't make anymore)

Pimp My Shrimp

Coolibri (The blue one on the left)---> Limited Edition Babyyy :)
Essence Special Effect Topper in 'Glorious Aquarius'

 and 'Circus Confetti'

And as thou le sissy smelled that a new mascara was on my 'to buy' list...she sent me a new bottle of my favorite Maybeline mascara...c'est magnifique!!!!

Reason enough for a round of silly dance on a sore body, don't you agree?. (Actually the sleepier and more exhausted, the sillier the dance steps). I laid them side by side on the bed beside me and have been admiring them with a stupid smile on my face as if waking up with a Hollywood Hunk beside you...Patrick Dempsey? Chris Hemsworth? lol...

All came with a beeeeeeaaaauuuttttiiifffuuullll (and unique) postcard made by the man himself; my big bro, Francis Sling. (You can purchase yours too on francissling.com).

Once again, a trillion thanks sissy...love you lots! You're amazing!

Also thanks to the very down-to-earth miss J.K. who brought me the goodies...it's been a pleasure!

Gosh, look at the time!!!! Scavengers hunt continues tomorrow morning so I NEED NEED NEED to get me some beauty snooze.
But I can't wait to sport my new "jewels"...already seen some color combo's I wan't to try. But of course...you'll be updated as soon as I do.

See you around hunnies...

X's n O's

Dazzled (+ tired n' happy)



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