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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Shrimp n' Dip

About time I tried the new goodies out, right? Hell yeah..

As you can already imagine, I wanted to try them out the very night I got them. But you know, I was tired (literally dozed off with them next to me on my bed) and since I planned to go to the beach last Tuesday (and the beach is very well known for ruining nail designs) I decided to postpone the ''itch''.

Until yesterday...
I sat down with them all  in front of me again (hahaha indecisive much) and brainstormed on my very first try out with these.

And I ended up with THIS...called 'Shrimp n' Dip'

Yup, I used the Pimp My Shrimp from Catrice and topped it off with the Circus Confetti from Essence. This was my first try on the famous glitter nails technique. (So be gentle on me)
To be honest, it took me a while to get used to my fingers being so shiny (LOL) maybe I had to try just one accent nail just to get used to the bling hahaha. But this morning when I woke up I was loving them nails crazily much.

Catrice application went effortless yet again (still in loooooovveeee with their flat brush. SOOO HANDY!). Two quick covers, and I had a totally opaque and even coverage. And the Essence, for being a glitter polish, was pretty awesome too. It allowed me to play well with the glitter, not to get chunky anywhere and it has a quite workable shine itself.

So...this is the first trial with my new polishes...hope you liked it!

X's n' O's




Anonymous said...

I love the combination, them nailzzz look funkyliciouszzz

S.A.E. Sling said...

LOL..well thank you very much darlinggg....:D

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