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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Muddy Miss Leopard

I wanted to try some leopard print this time. And I wanted to test-drive the 'Beavis and Mudhead' (Catrice)..
Perfect!!!! I'll combine them...

Last night I made the first attempt which resulted into a major fail. Didn't like the color combination, detested the way the design turned out and was plain disgusting! Really, see for yourselves...

Couldn't force myself to look at that for more than 24 hours....yuck.
So as I reached home tonight I took them off and retried the whole process... Only, I used a different design and decided upon a different color combo. And THIS is what a heart-rob looks like...(even if I have to say that myself) I love it!

The base color is of course the 'Beavis and Mudhead' (Catrice). On the accent nails I used 'Pink Lilac' (Jordana) as the base color since it's soft and girly especially in combination with the brown. For the prints I used the 'Beavis and Mudhead' and accentuated with 'Little Brown Dress' (Essie). Again I used The ballpoint and toothpick to create the design. And I think it looks just lovely...don't you think?

On another note, I got a gig as the official make-up artist of the 'Bikers Life magazine'. (GASP) M-HM, Yeah boy... :D
I know the designer of the magazine personally, and she approached me this week to see if I was interested...
Well I DID get cramps, goosebumps and an accelerated heartbeat when the question was asked....but not enough to make mw not try the challenge out.
If it's something for me or not? Time will tell...
As for now, I'm in!!
So they are holding the Bikers Queen Contest soon and today the contestants had their professional photo shoot at three different locations on the island. And I was there helping with the make-up and stuff...HOW EXCITING IS THAT?
Didn't get to make-up ALL the 10 girls...some were wearing their own stuff and some...well some were a bit hard headed. The team I worked with is extremely fun, down to earth and... loud. And in spite of a very warm weather and having to travel around with a big bag of make-up I had an amazing time!

Doing make-up for yourself is of course always easier than doing the same thing for someone else. You already know the contour of your own face, you know your stronger side, your flaws and you know exactly what you want and how you want that. Having to make up someone else, and especially someone you've never before seen in your life, is an art... Finding yourself in front of a clear clean canvas with the task to create your best piece.

I did my best...if I get my hands on the pics of the girls, I'll make sure I'll show you!

As for now, this is it. I'm exhausted...it sure has been a long day...

See you soon darling.

X's n O's




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