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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Matryoshka

As promised, my nails are done!
This one took me quite some hours and effort. And even some moments of wiping the nails completely clean and starting back from scratch.
After much struggling and fighting I ended up with the following look in the middle of the night...

It does need improvement; a lot of improvement. But considering the effort and precision it takes to achieve even this little much, I'm cool with the outcome for now. Not sattisfied... just cool.

It's called 'The Matryoshka' and it was inspired by a gift magnet I received in 2009 from a very dear friend of mine. A very simple gift which, to me, has a story behind it. I really value it more than I could tell.
Simply looking around in my room for inspiration my eyes fell on the magnet on the white-board and with a smile I thought "hmmm, why not?"

So here you go...'The (yet amateur) Matryoshka'.

Colors used to achieve this design: Red Hot (Jordana) as the base color on all the nails. The dots on the middle fingers were done with Creamy Fucshia (Jordana), Mellow Yellow (Jordana) and Good Luck Charm (Jordana).
First I tried to paint the face directly on the fingers...but it was too much of a manouvre. So I decided to paint them on tape, let them dry and stick them to the nails and secure them with a topcoat.
I think I didn't let them dry that well thou, since the topcoat smudged the design a bit.
Colors used for the face were Sea Shells (L.A. Colors) for the face, Brown (Jordana) for the hair, Creamy Fucshia (Jordana) for the cheeks, Red Hot (Jordana) on the lips, a little Good Luck Charm (Jordana) in the eyes and originally the nose and the rest of the eye were painted with a Black (Kiss) nail art pen. Thou that faded almost completely...

Again the whole designing was done with tootpicks and the ballpoint by the way. In two weeks I'm goint to be in Miami and I'll check on some stamping sets and dotting tools. As for now, I can roll with my creativity and some simple everyday stuff to achieve the wanted designs...

Well, this was it. Any changes, any new nails, any updates...you'll be one of the firsts to know.

As for now, I'm off.

X's n' O's





Ohh my Sy, this one requires lots of patience obviously. You deserve a medal, LOL! MIami?? Oh my goodness, I wanna go there too!!

S.A.E. Sling said...

LOL...it does!! This was the first trial thou, next time I'll do better! :p
(takes the medal and bows graciously)

Yeshhhh I'm going to Miami for a week!!! I'm soooo excited!! You're welcome to join ofcourse...so we can do some sister shopping!

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