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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Swatch: After Eight (Catrice)

I discovered I had several polishes in my stash that had never been used yet...not once.

As I reached home last night I was physically and mentally on autopilot...but my nails were looking HORENDOUS!
Totally chipped, not so vivid anymore and some broke (I need a good hardener).
Some of you might just not understand, but I experience painting my nails as a moment of relaxation. So as I stepped out of the shower I laid face-down on my bed and decided upon a simple swatch.

After Eight is a deep dark mossy green color with super tiny sparklish particles. Two coats, and you're ready to go!
I guess after using Catrice several times already it is needles for me to say that I'm madly in love with the flat brush. Really, that thing is GENIUS...
The color dried relatively quick...so as I started dosing off it was as good as completely dry.

It seems to be the perfect color to use on army themed nails. Camouflage maybe?

Well here's the swatch...

Any other ideas of nail art where the 'After Eight'could be used beside on camouflage nail art?

Well, hope you liked it.


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