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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Crazy Miami Nail Hauling...

Well my beloveds...I'm back on the island since last night. Too quick...too quick!!
I'm still super exhausted but oh-so-satisfied...

Bought tons of clothes, lots of shoes, beautiful bags, bijou, some make-up, books, gifts and oh...nail polishes and nail accessories..(DUH)...lol

Hmmmm yup...a total of 25 new polishes arrived with me save and sound last night...

In due time when I try each one you'll get specific information about them all...this is just a post to give you a preview of the nail polish hauling I've done in Miami.

Sinful Colors

Up until now I haven't been able to find Sinful Colors on Curacao. In Miami I've seen a BUNCH of colors I was dying to buy...but...a lady can't just go back home with a luggage full of nail polishes right? So I only chose 3.. (hard decision..very very hard)!!

This is 'Dream On', 'Bali Mist' and 'Ciao Bella'...totally loving them all!!

Sally Hansen
Sally is no unknown brand, right?
These where found at a bargain price thou...a dollar for both. Nopes, not separately...0,50 dollars for each.  I guess you'd understand that I just had to have them...I mean... why not?

Glittery shades in 'Diamond Dust' and 'Star Sapphire'...just cute!

The Vitasurge is to try and add some strength to the nails since my nails have been splitting quite a lot lately and I don't appreciate that, really.
Vitamins are never overdone. The Vitasurge says to be a fast absorbing gel formula for weak nails that split and peel. It doesn't hurt to try it!!!

Besides the regular stuff above, I also found these Magnetics I wanted to try since I first saw them advertised in Cosmo...
So I bought them in three shades; 'Red-y Response', 'Kinetic Copper' and 'Graphite Gravity'

Color Mates
Yet another bargain. A dollar each...
I've never heard about this brand, but it wouldn't hurt to try new stuff at such low price. The name sounds cheap to me as a matter of fact...but the colors were just cute!
Here, 'Look at me', 'Paparazzi' and 'Stormy Weather'.

L.A. Colors
My stash is loaded with L.A. Colors polishes...I know!! But who can resist a fairy dust-ish glitter at a dollar? So yeah babes,...got it...beautiful glitters in 'Sassy Sparkle'.

Talking about bargains... I found these when I stormed into a boutique at the Sawgrass mills in Ft Lauderdale to try on a cute dress I saw.
Never heard of the name before. But they were cheap..AND I found the light blue shade I've been looking for. So what was stopping me to just...you know...bring themhome?
These are 'Pastel Blue', 'Dark Green' and 'Metallic Champagne'.
I know, the Champagne looks a lot like the Bali from Sinful Colors. But in reality, the one is darker than the other.

Hard Candy
From a Hard Candy I only bought this top coat. I have been searching for it for a while already. It gives any color a matte finish...saves me the hazzle of buying lots of matte polishes...

I almost...almost lost myself in Claire's. hahaha Well, not literally...but they just have soooo many cute things.
I simply tried to buy some of the most remarkable stuff I know I won't (easily) find here.
Like this multi-colored polish named 'Sand Art'. I know you can't quite see it on the picture, but it has neon orange, pink, yellow and purple..all in one bottle.
The bottle specifically says not to shake...hmmmm interesting! And oh..it's supposed to be strawberry scented when dry... Simply irresistible!!

Then I saw the Sun Changing shades. Supposed to turn another shade when you go outside... Curiosity made me buy these.
I only got two 'Here Comes The Sun' and 'Solar Eclipse'. As soon as I try them on I'll let you know if it really does what it says...

Lastly, the glow in the dark. Three normal polishes and two glittery.

And as you can see here...yup...they really do glow in the dark.

I also bought a nails stamping tool kit from Salon Express and 4 additional image plates from Konad.

And from Kiss I bought a box of Lacy Nail Dress Stickers and a some Nail Artist Flat Stickers...

And THAT's all the nail hauling I've done in Miami...
I think I've stayed on the average, don't you think?  hahaha... Well as soon as I start trying on these fabulous colors, you'll be the first to know. As for now, I need to catch up with my sleep...since I haven't been doing much of that this past week.

See you lovebugs soon.

X's n' O's




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