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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This time I decided to try two other unused colors in the stash.

The Steel-ing my Heart from Essie and the Teal Steel from Sally Hansen

I named the nail design "Blue-mings", especially because of the little pink and white flowers I added to the accent nail.

I personally feel as thou my nails are just a bit too shiny for my taste...lol.

But Nevertheless I'm in love with both basic colors. I think it's the combination that makes me think twice

The Teal Steel is a vibrant blue with a very beautiful green-ish shine. And the Steel-ing my heart is a high shining silver color...true silver...I like that!

I was going to try a more complicated design...but still I decided to go for something easy in the end, because I was reading a book and I wanted to hurry to go back to it.

This sunday I'm flying to Miami finally...I'm sooooo excited. I'll see if I can do another nail post before I leave, thou the schedule is very tight.
I'll also try to schedule in a couple of posts for the week I'll be absent.

WELL...lemme go attend other bussiness and I'll be back soon.

X's n' O's,




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