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Monday, 3 September 2012

'Feasting in Sri-Lanka'

And it's time for a new nail art....yes babyyyy!!!!

This is the promised NOTW (Nail Of The Week)...even thou I think it's not going to make it until Saturday...

It's called 'Feasting in Sri-Lanka". Simply because it made me think of the beautiful Sari the women wear to the festivities in the book I'm actually reading. The story is built in Sri-Lanka and oftentimes the writer describes the Sari the women wore for different occasions...in details and color....

Here...travel to Sri-Lanka with me...

Used colors; Purple Punch (Jordana), Limestone (Sally Hansen) and Chestnut (Jordana)...ofcoursewith the white dots in White (Jordana).
The two accent nails were water marbles and when totally dry I accentuated with the white dots for simple embellishment.I love how it turned out to be...REALLY do.

My opinion of the Limestone so far...It's not as creamy and opaque as it looked in the bottle. If you apply it too slow it might leave streaks behind on your nail. The good thing? It dried super quick...

I normally don't do this...But on Sunday I matched my eye make-up with my nails...just the colors. And no, I didn't use the Limeade(L.A.Colors)...this is just eye shadow...

YUP...green on the upper lid, purple right under the eyes and a dash of gold in the corners of the eyes...
Pretty much extravagant...I know.
First I thought I'd try to switch the green and the purple(after the make up was already done)...but hey, I'm not a morning person, I was late!!!

Nevertheless I'm pretty cool with the outcome.

I'm fighting between sleeping and reading on..lemme go check if I can read another chapter before mi eyes win this battle completely.

Hoping you enjoyed the post!

X's n' O's.




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